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Wedding Cake Designer's Success PackDo you know all the questions you need to ask at any consultation?

Can you imagine the consequences of missing out any important piece of information?

The Wedding Cake Designer’s Success Pack has been beautifully designed as a pack to capture every question you need to enquire of the bride, the venue and more.

Its unique scrapbook style layout has space for doodles, clippings, swatches and pricing that enables you to work through your information prior to presenting an official order form to your customer for approval. The pack can be used within your own business and/or together with the customer at their initial consultation.

It has been developed from interviews with professional cake decorators and details all the questions you need to ask as well as some that the professionals wished they had known to ask after they had learnt from their own mistakes!

Do not miss out on this complete guide – a place that captures the essence of weddings in an instance, a pack to:


Use over and over again

Leave nothing to chance

Offer a unique client service

Store all of you information in one distinctive format

Save time and money

Send via email to potential customers


Be organised and confident and be the decorator with complete confidence. Why not offer your customers the service your competitors do not?


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for just £5.99!


Best of all the pack is sold as a downloadable printable PDF with instant access and no postage and packing with reusable sections!


The Wedding Cake Designer’s Success Pack is not just for wedding cake decorators either. Any cake decorator can find value in the check list and convenient storage of all cake design specially to make any cake exactly the way the customer envisions.


With The Wedding Cake Designer’s Success Pack, you will have:

The opportunity to offer a potential customer this guide prior to any meeting – and save valuable consultation time.
A unique reference guide to trump any of the cake design competition.
An organised and confident cake designer service to make more celebrations truly memorable.

Offering this pack to the bride to be is just one way it can make your service stand out from the competition. Why not become the Wedding Cake Designer with the difference – by offering a service your competitors do not (yet)? Keep all your information together in one place and be safe in the knowledge that you know everything required to make your creation truly memorable.


This valuable success pack, which can be used again and again in any consultation, is available for immediate download for just £5.99!


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