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Meet Karen

Karen started Cake Coach Online after her interest was peaked in cake making from a cake they had ordered for a friends birthday party.

“I enrolled in novelty cake decorating at evening classes and in a few months the orders started coming in. Firstly the close relatives and as I practised and got better the people who knew me, some only vaguely, started to order too.”

Who would have thought - something as simple as the Cake Calculator could take away all the pricing headaches!


Going to be of great help to me

I am sure this is going to be of great help to me as I have always had the problem of not really knowing what to charge and being told by other cake bakers that I am far too cheap!

Cape Town, South Africa

I now have tools to implement ideas immediately

Fantastic, concise, needs focused, simple to follow and understand. Identified areas for improvement and gave solutions. I am looking forward to more of the same, but now have tools to implement the ideas immediately.

Orpington UK