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Meet Karen

Karen started Cake Coach Online after her interest was peaked in cake making from a cake they had ordered for a friends birthday party.

“I enrolled in novelty cake decorating at evening classes and in a few months the orders started coming in. Firstly the close relatives and as I practised and got better the people who knew me, some only vaguely, started to order too.”

I now have tools to implement ideas immediately

Fantastic, concise, needs focused, simple to follow and understand. Identified areas for improvement and gave solutions. I am looking forward to more of the same, but now have tools to implement the ideas immediately.

Orpington UK

Cash For Cakes System "The best online business kit so far. This is the ONLY tool needed"

I have been baking for the past 10 years but my focus has only been on developing recipes and merely baking cakes for others. Pricing was based on what I feel was right, and of course when doing business with friends, I wouldn’t want them to think that I overprice my cake although at times I realise now that I was hardly making any profit! I also didn’t have enough ideas on how to make this passion of mine really, really work. I was actually looking for a tool to help me with pricing my new cakes and desserts when I saw your advert online. What I got was more than what I paid for. Marketing, Costing, advertising, planning, etc. etc. are what I have also learned from your program! You have successfully made all these topics easy to understand in relation to the business of baking! I have bought a few online kits on helping bakers run their business but this is the best so far. I would recommend that this is the ONLY tool needed by them!


The Cake Calculator is a brilliant time saving app - which I would gladly recommend

Thought I would drop you a line to thank you for the cake calculator app. I purchased it after seeing it on facebook. I'm so glad I did..  It is worth every penny. As a 'techno  phobe' I have found this app so easy to use, from inputting my data to copying and saving my own costing sheets for future reference. So much more professional.  I've always doubted myself when calculating the cost of a cake as people often say "how much, or that's too expensive". They've no idea how much time and materials go into the making a cake. I was about to give it all up as I'd become so disillusioned. The cake calculator gave me the confidence to say "your cake will cost" and not feel any doubt whatsoever. I like the way it totals the unit cost after inputing the purchase price of each ingredient, saving so much precious time. The after sales service is exceptional. I began to look forward to the daily email arriving with some gems of wisdom. Some of the advice was so simple, but also so effective in helping me become more organised in my daily work. The Cake Calculator is a brilliant, time saving app which I would gladly recommend. Thank you for sharing this excel document with us.