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want to price your cakes correctly, quickly & easily?

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Would you like the comfort of knowing that you have priced your cakes, cupcakes, cookies, cake pops, or any of your baked creations, correctly, every single time without fail?

Do you perhaps guess at some of the costs of certain ingredients in your designs?

The Cake Calculator has been specifically designed to help you charge correctly for your amazing creations every single time.

No more estimating costs and potentially losing money!

The Cake Calculator is unique to CakeCoachOnline and is suitable for any currency.

All you do is simply download it onto your computer, and ‘hey presto’, it’s yours forever to use again and again.

The Cake Calculator ensures :

  • You don’t ever undercharge again
  • That every element of your creation is accounted for
  • You’ll be pricing your cakes with confidence from this day forward
  • There are some cool things The Cake Calculator can do for you:
  • Create a library of your specific cake designs and their individual prices. This makes it quick and easy for future pricing
  • Price up any big order with ease
The Cake Calculatoris suitable for any baked goods business owners who want to be sure they are not losing money by estimating the costs of their creations.It’s hard to believe that something with the potential to save you so much money is only £2.99!
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  • Price your cakes with confidence
  • Cost your recipes with ease
  • Include store cupboard ingredients
  • Build up a library of cake designs
  • Stop guessing at the true value of your creations
  • Use the calculator over and over again
  • Save time and money
  • Avoid undercharging again
  • Suitable for any currency

Hundreds of people are already using The Cake Calculator in their businesses every day. Now I’m going to say its amazing right? Well, here’s what just a handful of other Cake Calculator users are saying :

Nichola Park – Newcastle upon Tyne, UK.
“Before I had the cake calculator I used to scribble down all the ingredients, it would take ages and I’d usually miss something off!
The hard work is all done for you on the cake calculator. I can even change the costs and add ingredients to suit my prices. Being able to print it off is great for your records too! Definitely a must. Thank you!”

Angela Shipley – Brigg, UK
“A must for any baker”

Jill Heaney – Cape Town, South Africa
“I am sure this is going to be of great help to me as I have always had the problem of not really knowing what to charge and being told by other cake bakers that I am far too cheap!!!”

Can you really afford not to have
The Cake Calculator?

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