Baking in summer heat

Baking in summer heat

Are you struggling with melting cakes this summer?  Baking in summer heat – is no joke and our cake decorators are suffering.

But here is a story I saw posted up on Social Media this week.


The Customer was not happy

A cake decorator charged $100 for a cake. It was a square cake. chocolate covered with a gold drip.  But the cake suffered in the heat. The corners were a bit smooshed (is that a word).

She needed to refrigerate it as soon as possible. But had failed to do so.

When the Cake Decorator delivered it, she apologised that it wasn’t in the best condition. And that she would give the customer a discount. But the lady didn’t offer to pay. Neither did the Cake Decorator demand payment.

She left with no payment.

She was asking on social media what to do now.

A big thread of answers.

You should always charge a deposit.

Make the deposit a retainer.

Don’t give money back if a no show or cake is cancelled.

Never deliver without payment.

Put the cake in the fridge in the heat.

Deliver in the footwell of the car with aircon on.

The point is this.

The Cake Decorator mentioned she would give a discount. But then failed to give any detail on the new discounted price.

The Cake Decorator had no paperwork to hand over. This would make it obvious that a payment transaction was about to take place. (Albeit reduced)

The Cake Decorator had asked for zero deposit in the first place. Thus the customer possibly perceives her as not as professional as she might have been.

So what can we learn?

Ask for a retainer or at least a deposit.   If the cake is under par, don’t mention it…unless you feel you honestly must.   Have the order paperwork ready detailing the balance due. Adjust this downward if you wish. Or offer a credit on the next order by giving a voucher.

How to make a voucher? Use free Canva graphic to make a small paper voucher to give out.

Never give a cake to a customer without final payment in place.

If only two weeks from the collection date ask for 100% of the cost. Get an ordering paperwork system in place. This is so that a record of transactions can be kept and shown and you look professional. And passing over paperwork shows there is a balance to pay.

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