Cake Customer Complaining

Cake Customer Complaining!

This cake decorator had a cake customer complaining. She received a message of dissatisfaction but zero evidence to prove the damage.  
This customer picked up a fairy tale castle complete with towers. Less than two hours later the cake decorator received a message from the customer. They declared that every single tower had toppled over. They stated that they were disappointed.
No mention of refund…but you can see it coming.
They stuck the towers back themselves. And then failed to take any photographs of the supposed disaster.
If you have a complex structure requested insist on delivering it. Charge for the time and mileage. That way you can fix any damage in situ.
If customers insist on collecting have them sign the order form. They are buying their cake as seen. This will certainly reduce the chance of cake customers complaining.  The Cake is leaving in perfect condition. And is as well approved by the customer signature on the order form. They also understand how to transport the cake safely. Which does not mean sitting in the passenger seat with it on their lap – by the way! The cake needs to be kept flat and cool and driven at a safe speed, taking corners with caution.
It is now the customer’s responsibility to care for their edible art.
Have in place within your terms and conditions to cover yourself for this scenario. What needs to happen for any refund or partial refund to be considered. Do you need photographic evidence of the supposed disaster? Do you want the cake returned to you? You choose.
But make clear your terms and stick to them.
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