Great tools for Cake Decorators

Great Tools for Cake Decorators

I saw a thread on a Facebook cake decorating group.   It was asking what tools, if any, do cake decorators pinch from other crafts and professions.  And the designers all piled in with their suggestions.   It turned out to be a fantastic list of great tools for cake decorators.

I compiled them all here for you. As something might help you too.


  • Metal ruler and dressmaking pins.
  • unused make-up brushes
  • spirit level
  • glue gun
  • bag sealer for cookies
  • drywall spatula for a smooth finish on buttercream cakes
  • Pizza cutter
  • unused nail scissors
  • tweezers
  • long metal ruler,
  • craft knife
  • wirecutter
  • pliers
  • meat cleaver
  • plastic brush
  • tape measure
  • meat baller
  • garlic press
  • ice cream scoop
  • medicine syringe
  • wooden skewers
  • a syringe with a blunt needle tip for filling in embossing
  • dressmakers ruler
  • large-headed dressmaker pins
  • jigsaw,
  • unused toothbrush
  • unused nail brush
  • fabric cutting  mat
  • plastic hair roller for stippling effect
  • tinfoil crinkled up to make crinkle effect
  • Stanley blade for cutting
  • potato ricer for juicing lemons
  • acupuncture needle to pop air bubbles
  • filleting knife to remove cake from tins
  • unused clean bubble wrap to make dimple effect
  • lint roller to remove fluff from countertops
  • pasta roller machine to make everything the same thickness

An amazing list – and I hope it helps you too.

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