Home baking or cake decorating?

Home baking or cake decorating?

Are you home baking or cake decorating and fed up working alone, in a vacuum?  Perhaps you sometimes feel discouraged and unsupported too. I get it, it is not easy working on your own without professionals to ask. The problem is that this disconnected isolation can lead to a loss of motivation. And pure guesswork doesn’t help either.
Are you thinking about or even already started a home baking or cake decorating business? You need to learn to think differently.
After all you cannot move forward using the same old strategies from the past. Old ways won’t open new doors.


So enter The Cake Circle. 

The membership for help for home baking and cake decorating…
People who want companionship, somewhere to get support, encouragement and guidance. A beautiful safe place to share experiences and connect with like-minded people.
And something else amazing to share with you. Along with the support of our Expert Craft Tutors and our Guest Business experts, there is more. You could get your membership for free.

How come?

Because we are offering warehouse/supplier discounts to all our members. This means our 10% discount codes could reduce your supply costs. By using these discounts they could cover the cost of your monthly subscription fee too.
This makes this deal is a no brainer. Perfect for any business owner wanting to lessen their outgoings. Reducing outgoings means more money in your pocket too.
On top of our brilliant membership support, encouragement and guidance – there is more.
We have added in a bonus worth $497 of £368 – which is a free benefit to members. Yes – you read that right. Free.
This is free access to our Cash for Cakes flagship programme. This programme is available on our website at full price for lifetime access. Or you can get free monthly access to it, by joining The Cake Circle.
One of the modules in Cash for Cakes covers cake pricing. This is something that 90% of responders to a recent survey struggle with.
Did you realise what undercharging on 5 cakes per week at $20 or £20 – means? If you continued to do this for 48 weeks (assuming some holiday) what is the result? You would be out of pocket by $4,800 or £4,800 by the end of the year.
What could you do with that extra money? Just by charging professionally and attracting the right customers too? Undercharging on cakes compounds over time. And the problem just grows, making our baking community tired, worn out and resentful. Don’t let this be you too.

So what will all this support and expert help give you?

We guide you through our Success Path. This maps out a journey of 6 stages from being a Hobbyist, Novice, Proficient, Expert, Mastery or Star.
You decide where you are currently and also exactly where you would like to end up. Our Cash for Cakes programme modules help you on your journey. So there is no need to study all of them instantly. We are conscious of your available time and wanted to make this easy for you too.
Tap into the sessions that we offer, without overwhelm. We know that you are already busy – so we wanted to support you with the most focused help, in the shortest amount of time.
All 3 sessions monthly are recorded. These only need 30 minutes a week to watch either live or recordings. Just doing this and you could make significant changes. Not only to yourself but your business mindset and accomplishments too.

Free access to a qualified life/business coach

There is an opportunity to join me for a virtual chat too (not recorded). So add in free access to a qualified life/business coach too. (That is me, Karen – by the way)
The price of the Cake Circle Membership is less than a weekly coffee and piece of cake. And remember this cost could be covered by the use of your membership discounts too.
What is not to like to get the help that anyone working alone needs to propel you forward? With encouragement, expert guidance, support, community connection, feedback and accountability.

A summary of what The Cake Circle offers…

  • Expert Craft Tutors
  • Guest Business Experts
  • Warehouse/supplier discounts
  • Cash for Cakes programme access for free
  • Success path mapped out
  • Access to qualified life/business coach
The Cake Circle Membership is GBP the £24 per month (inc vat) or USD $24 monthly.
The doors are only open a handful of times per year.  
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