What to do with leftover cake scraps

What to do with leftover cake scraps

Yesterday – I wondered what everyone did.  So I asked a question on social media.  It was about what to do with leftover cake scraps.

I was astonished at the variety of answers.

So if you have ever looked for inspiration on just what to do with leftover cake scraps – here are no less than 30 ideas.


30 ideas

  • Eat them
  • Make Tiramisu
  • Give them to the kids, the grandkids, hubby, neighbours
  • Make chocolate gravy/sauce and pour over them
  • Eat with ice cream
  • Make into rum balls
  • Eat with milk like a bread pudding
  • Make Russian Cake
  • Add Jam and Buttercream and make into cake sandwich
  • Make Truffles
  • Make Cake Jars
  • Use as a building mass for 3D figures
  • Give them to the chickens or pigs
  • Crumble up, add to baking sheet, bake for 10 mins on 350 degrees, and use as decorative crumbs around a cake
  • Make Trifle
  • Make Cake Parfait
  • Make a Swiss Roll
  • Use as a base for a no-bake Cheesecake
  • Use for Shooters
  • Chocolate Truffles
  • Package and sell them if you are a bakery
  • Use for Stuffed cupcakes
  • Freeze them in bags, dated and use for truffles at later date
  • Cake Push Pops
  • Make Fig Cakes – mix crumbed mix with chocolate or cocoa, add vanilla or alcohol. Make a ball size of an egg. Cover in green marzipan shaped a little stem to resemble a fig.
  • Warm-up and serve with fresh cream
  • Petite fours
  • Cake crumbs, pudding plus cool whip
  • Cake crumbs into balls and dip in chocolate
  • Never have any left

I think this is a pretty definitive list for just what to do with those cake cut offs. Certainly it would make me think twice about putting a damp belt around a cake tin. Thus preventing the bake creating a dome, what with all these delicious ideas above!


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