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Legal help for your bakery

Legal help for your bakery Have you ever been puzzled about what is actually needed by law – for your cake business or home bakery?  The legal help for your bakery required by law. The legal side of running a business can sometimes feel a little overwhelming.  It can be difficult to know where to…


What excites your cake customers?

What excites your cake customers about getting an order from you? There are two things to consider when selling anything. And we do need to explore what excites your cake customers about getting an order from you. Firstly a person buys to solve a problem. Secondly, they have a lot of unspoken questions when they…


Running Cake Taster Sessions

Running cake taster sessions I saw a cake decorator asking about running cake taster sessions for her potential customer. She was en route with cupcakes in different flavours. The customer had messaged to say they had changed their mind. She wanted slices delivered instead. The cake decorators was en route already. This fact implied she…


What to do with a cancelled cake?

What to do with a cancelled cake? A cake decorator had a cancellation. The Cake was already done and due out the next day. But the customer had been told to isolate because of connection with a patient who had contracted our current threatening illness. So her celebration was cancelled.  So the question was –…

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Great tools for Cake Decorators

Great Tools for Cake Decorators I saw a thread on a Facebook cake decorating group.   It was asking what tools, if any, do cake decorators pinch from other crafts and professions.  And the designers all piled in with their suggestions.   It turned out to be a fantastic list of great tools for cake decorators. I compiled…


Safe transportation of cakes

Safe transportation for cakes   I have been seeing a few disastrous cake collapses in the heat of the UK . I have no doubt across the world cake decorators suffer from the heat in the same way too.  And this is all to do with safe transportation for cakes.  It turns out that a…


What to do with leftover cake scraps

What to do with leftover cake scraps Yesterday – I wondered what everyone did.  So I asked a question on social media.  It was about what to do with leftover cake scraps. I was astonished at the variety of answers. So if you have ever looked for inspiration on just what to do with leftover…


Baking in summer heat

Baking in summer heat Are you struggling with melting cakes this summer?  Baking in summer heat – is no joke and our cake decorators are suffering. But here is a story I saw posted up on Social Media this week.   The Customer was not happy A cake decorator charged $100 for a cake. It…


Abundant Bakers and Cakers Facebook Group

The Abundant Bakers and Cakers Facebook Group is now open CakeCoachOnline is proud to announce the exciting news. And that is that we have opened up a free Facebook group called the Abundant Bakers and Cakers Facebook Group.   We wanted to connect more with our community of bakers and cake decorators. We were finding…


Earn money from cake decorating

Earn money from cake decorating CakeCoachOnline has many facets to its offerings. Our big mission is to help our cake decorators and bakers turn their hobby into money and to help them get paid their worth.   We are on all of the social media platforms Facebook, Pinterest, Linked In, Twitter   Plus our latest…


Cake photography

Cake Photography Have you ever been fearful of having your photographs stolen?   Are you are using cake photography to spread the word about your business? Are you afraid of unscrupulous cake decorators taking your photographs? And then having the nerve to pass them off as their own? I spied an Instagram account holder with that…


How to take pictures of cakes

How to take pictures of cakes I’ve just spotted another post on social media. It contained a most gorgeous cake, but clearly the talented designer did not know how to take pictures of cakes. As with so much clutter in the background that the details of the cake were totally lost. I see this all…