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Cake Business Ideas – Are You Asking the Right Questions?

In the spirit of the release of The Wedding Cake Designer’s Success Pack, I began thinking of all questions to be asked in a cake decorating business – and how many seem to be missing the mark. Not asking the right questions might have the power to ruin your business, but more likely (and importantly)…

A Wedding Cake Business Guide – From Consultation to Delivery — New Book and Magazine Article

Cake Coach Online has been working diligently behind the scenes as always – creating helpful products and free information just for you! First, I am happy to announce a new article published in Cake Craft Magazine’s guide: “Wedding Cakes and Sugar Paste Flowers”! The article is title “A Wedding Cake Business Guide – From Consultation…

Top 5 Valentine’s Day Cake Recipes

With Valentine’s Day less than a month away, many sugarcrafter’s are looking for unique recipes or ideas to make for our loved ones or pitch to potential customers. There are many option to choose from,  but CakeCoachOnline has scanned the Internet for our top 5 Valentine’s Day cake recipes this year. Valentine’s Day is usually…

Taking Your Cake Business Global: Using the Internet to Boost Sales

Right around January 1st most of us begin assessing our business successes and failures of the past year, and formulating ideas and goals for the year to come. As a result, I’m willing to bet that somewhere around 90% are working towards goals and resolutions to get more customers and make more money. Now the…

3 Perfect Cake Recipes for Winter!

When there’s a nip in the air and noses are red,  there are some treats that hit the spot better than others.  Here are some favorites.  Enjoy!! Plum Cake: This moist,  lemony plum cake needs little more than a dusting of confectioners’ sugar. If you like,  though,  a dollop of sour cream is a delicious…

Investment or Debt? What Does a Cake Decorator REALLY Need to Buy?

When it comes to any kind of business,  you will often hear the phrase “it takes money to make money.” In simple terms,  this really means you must invest in your business for it to work. It is very easy,  however,  to get lost in knowing what is an investment in your business and what…

Our 4 Favorite Holiday Cake Ideas!

The holiday season is well underway,  causing many of us sugarcrafters to run in a frenzy baking,  icing,  decorating,  and more. Some of you,  however,  may be pulling your hair out for interesting cake ideas. Avoid giving Aunt Millie a replica of last year’s design. Here are our 5 favorite holiday cake ideas this season.

Perfect Autumn Cake Technique – Autumn Cake Toppers!

Spring is so easy to decorate our cakes for. With so much color and life blossoming around you,  how can you not be inspired to make beautiful floral cake toppers? Autumn,  however,  also provides the savvy cake decorator with plenty of options to create a stunning cake topper – and perhaps even one with a…

How to Host Baking Classes and Boost Profits

Take Advantage of the Baking Classes in Your Area As many sugarcrafters know,  you do not have to go to a fancy school to make delicious treats. So many bakeries were started from the kitchen,  with little to no formal training and a simple love of sweets. Today,  a vast majority of future sugarcrafters are…

Make Some Friends!

“A friendship founded on business is better than a business founded on friendship. ” – John D. Rockefeler Large companies make constant use of the power of partnerships and co-op efforts. By partnering with another company, even one which could normally be seen as a competitor, you can provide more to your customers for less…

Disney Character Cakes and the Law

Disney Character Characters Can Be Dangerous Ground Very often a young child wants a Disney Princess cake or a Toy Story themed birthday. Heck,  even some adults find themselves wich for these fantasy events – with weddings being one of the biggest revenue streams for Disneyland! At one time or another as a professional cake…

What the Heck is Powdered Sugar?! Common Baking Terms Translated

It is sometimes fun to speak with an associate or possible client overseas. Very often you find yourselves talking in code about the same topic! For example,  common terms in the UK sound absolutely mad to Americans,  while many of their terms leave those in the UK looking very confused. For a bit of fun,…