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What the Heck is Powdered Sugar?! Common Baking Terms Translated

It is sometimes fun to speak with an associate or possible client overseas. Very often you find yourselves talking in code about the same topic! For example,  common terms in the UK sound absolutely mad to Americans,  while many of their terms leave those in the UK looking very confused. For a bit of fun,…

How to Make Fondant in Your Kitchen

Fondant is one of the most-used ingredients in cake decorating, and it is a shame that too many people pay high prices for it. This severely cuts into your profits as a cake decorator, and is not necessary when fondant is so easy to make!

Make Gum Paste Flowers Easily

This has to be one of most beautiful things you can do in cake decorating baking and is probably much easier than you think. Most or all of these ingredients can be found at your local market, or at a cake/baking supply store.   Gum paste flowers make a wonderful accessory to fondant cakes because…