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Having a cake order conversation?

Having a cake order conversation?   I saw a cake decorator/home baker post on social media recently a screen shot of a ‘cake order conversation’ she had. This was with a potential customer. Needless to say – the conversation did not last long…   The cake order conversation went like this.   Customer – I…


Cake Business photographs – could they be better?

Cake Business Photographs – could they be better? I saw a cake decorator moaning recently on social media. Someone had bought some cakes from her.   That wasn’t a problem in itself. The person who bought the cakes had created some cake toppers and stuck them in the cakes.  The gold twinkly card with a…


Could your cake business be more visible?

Could your cake business be more visible? When I spotted an advert for a company working in a local house – it got me thinking.  Could your cake business be more visible? The company working in the house had a large sail like pole and piece of printed fabric.  It was secured to the pavement…


Cake Business Questions

Cake Business questions   Some cake decorators are surprised to find themselves as a ‘business owner’.   And as business – there are a few cake business questions that do need an answer!   A request to create an order from outside of their inner circle of friends and relatives has sent them into a flat spin.…


How is Cake Coach Online doing?

How is Cake Coach Online doing? Cake Coach Online has a very important question to ask you:   How is Cake Coach Online doing?   You can let us know what you love or hate about the site, and what you would like to see here in the future. We’ve be refreshing the website!  …


How to make Popcorn Cupcakes

How to make Popcorn Cupcakes I found a novel way to change an ordinary cupcake into a bag of popcorn. So here it is today.  A video tutorial on  “How to make Popcorn Cupcakes.”     I thought it would be perfect fun treat for weekend movies. Plus the kids might enjoy making these too.…


Butterscotch-Pecan Cake Recipe

Butterscotch-Pecan Cake Recipe Hidden deep beneath the pecan sheath of this delicious, statuesque cake lies a sweet secret. This makes familiar flavors seem sophisticated.  This Butterscotch-Pecan Cake recipe would be perfect for a night of entertaining.  Your guests will love the secretive brown-butter frosting. Plus the butterscotch-soaked layers spiked with rum.  They will think you…


Oreo Cupcakes

Oreo Cupcakes Oreo cupcakes are certainly a cookie lover’s dream!  Definitely delicious, with an Oreo cookie tucked in the bottom and chunks of Oreos throughout the batter.  This idea is perfect for last minute parties or entertaining when a decorative dessert is needed but there’s not enough time. The cupcakes are sure to be a…


Home bakery and selling alcohol

Home bakery and selling alcohol The question has arisen a couple of times about running a home bakery and selling alcohol. There are three ways alcohol could be added. 1. Either by soaking ingredients in alcohol – brandy, rum or such like. 2. Or injecting brandy into a baked cake to enhance the flavour. 3.…


The Secret to Perfect Piping

The Secret to Perfect Piping Piping designs or writing on a cake can transform an ordinary treat into a super special treat.  Here is the secret to perfect piping.   The consistency of the icing is important.  If your icing is too thin, it will leak out of your pastry bag and you will have…


Apple-Cinnamon Upside-Down Cake

Recipe – Apple-Cinnamon Upside-Down Cake Autumn is here and that means we are leaping into prime baking season too! Yippee!  Nothing nicer than trying out a new recipe – Apple-Cinnamon upside-down cake. Not much can top the fragrant aroma of fall baking filling your home, the way apples and cinnamon do.  Here is a great…


Grandma’s baking

Grandma’s Baking Do you take your home baking skills for granted? A fair few years ago now – my dear mum passed away. This was a sudden and totally unexepected loss. The thing was it was my mum who encouraged me, believed in me, and gave me a mass of help when the chips were…