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Cake Circle Membership Waitlist

Cake Circle Membership Waitlist The Cake Circle Membership Waitlist is now available. We are opening a handful of times per year. This membership is for any cake decorator or home baker who is thinking about turning their skills and passion into a business. What does the Cake Circle Membership contain?   Community We have a…


More Cake Business Enquiries!

More Cake Business Enquiries! A cafe asks you to supply them with simple undecorated cakes.  You are a business – and more cake business enquiries are important to you.  What should you do?   You need to know your costings to the penny. Selling to the trade normally means selling at a cheaper price. They…


How to get more cake quotes accepted

How to get more cake quotes accepted   Here is a brilliant way to increase your business and knowing how to get more cake quotes accepted.    I was in a cake forum discussion group the other day. Someone was bemoaning again about a customer saying her cake was too expensive.   Its the same…


Feedback on social media for cakes

Feedback on social media for cakes   I sometimes see some poor distraught cake decorator posting in a group. She was asking for feedback on social media for cakes. Her customer has said xyz.   She was asking a group of supportive people on Facebook. They know exactly what it is like to have disgruntled…


A healthy alternative for cake ingredients

A healthy alternative for cake ingredients Sometimes we sugarcrafters get a very bad reputation. After all, the products we create tend to be pretty sugary, fattening, and unhealthy. But what if there was such a thing as a healthy alternative for cake ingredients that we could offer our customers?   This may bring in more…


Got a cake complaint?

Got a cake complaint?   Occasionally you may get a cake complaint. It comes as a bolt out of the blue and something that you have never had before.   I saw one cake decorator say it was her first cake complaint in five years. Yet she had been completely thrown into a strop for…


Making a cake as a present

Making a cake as a present I saw a recent post on a forum asking  – what to do about relatives asking you to make a cake for a party you are also invited to.    So what exactly can you do when making a cake as a present? Here are my thoughts…. Your Aunt…


How to Avoid Exhaustion as a Baker

How to avoid exhaustion as a baker    I spotted in all the flurry of treats being made for Valentines Day, a very sad and exhausted baker. She had spent hours making up bags of cookies and treats, all hand baked. She had put them in bags and presented them very professionally.   So just how…

Registration Open Now TCC

Pricing time and cake decorating?

Pricing time and cake decorating?   And how Cake Coach Online can help.   When I was thinking about writing about pricing time and cake decorating I had a thought to help think about pricing time. I used to manage a team of international interior designers at one time. We had different ways of pricing…


Should I sell a cake that’s been frozen?

Should I sell a cake that’s been frozen? A big discussion blew up in a cake decorators forum. The question was.. ‘Should I sell a cake that’s been frozen.  Then defrost it and then decorate it?’ This is fine for home use – but what if this is a customer’s order and they are paying…


What to charge for cakes

What to charge for cakes I was reading through some cake decorating groups and spotted a recommendation. Someone was asking what to charge for cakes.  So my ears pricked up. As you may be aware this is one of my topics and passions to help the cake decorating community with too.   So I continued…


Order book for cake makers

Is an order book for cake makers necessary? When selling cakes it super important to look and act professionally.  Have you thought about using an order book for cake makers at all?   But let’s think about what do you currently when taking a customer order, writing it down and noting all the details? Writing…