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How to make tracking customer cake orders simple

Customer cake orders a nightmare? How to make customer cake orders simple….   CakeCoachOnline announces the availability of another fabulous new product to the merchandise line.   The Customer Order pads are now available is a small size of 25 sets to a pad. This is as well as the larger version of 50 sheets…


Cake Business – Are you too busy?

  Cake Business – Are you too busy?   When you are running a home cake business are you too busy? Do you need a second pair of hands for your cake business – or at least at home to help with domestic tasks?   I saw a quote ‘My goal is not to be…


Sitting and waiting for cake customers?

Do you sit and wait for cake customers? Sitting and waiting for cake customers is fine if your order books are already full. But what if they are not? And you would love some more orders to create?   Here is a little story to think about… A little while ago I visited a really…


Cake decorating business? Is a website important?

Cake decorating business? Is a website important? A recent conversation with a ‘bride to be’ which started me thinking about our cake decorators running a cake decorating business. The young lady said to me,   “Do you know I have searched the internet high and low. I have been looking for potential cake decorators in…


Cake Pricing – staying firm on a price

Cake Pricing – staying firm on a price I was talking the other day to a cake decorator. She admitted that her biggest challenge was with cake pricing – staying firm on price. The costing of a cake and all its associated extras – and then sticking to it! What exactly do I mean? This…


How to price cake easily

Do you know how to price cake the simplest way?   Just how do I price cake? This is one of the most asked questions from our cake decorating community.   They ask me if I know.  And the answer from me is of course ‘Yes’.   So I considered the challenge and how to…


How to make chocolate ganache easily

How to make chocolate ganache easily After requests from our Cake Decorating community to share some craft tips on my blog – here we are. How to make chocolate ganache easily in the microwave.   This YouTube video shows an easy way of making this tasty cake filling/covering. This is a mixture of chocolate and…


A Cake Business could use this marketing idea

A Cake Business could use this marketing idea Have you ever considered using a ‘borrowed’ marketing idea from another business.  I have thought of something and a cake business could use this marketing idea. Let me explain…   A thought occurred to me the other day. And that was around booking for something earlier and…


Getting paid for cakes

Getting paid for cakes   When getting paid for cakes – do you get paid the balance immediately? Did you ask for a deposit first?   One of the biggest questions I get is “How and when do I ask for money for my cake?”   What if a customer cancels – do I get…


How to sell my cakes when I don’t like selling?

How to sell my cakes when I don’t like selling? One question I get asked a lot  –  is how to sell my cakes when I don’t like selling? Are you someone who loves the creation side of your business – but when it comes to discussing prices, you hate it? You are not alone.…


Selling Cakes

From hobby to cake business! My thoughts this week are around selling cake or even multiples of cakes! So many people are nervous to actually sell their products – they enjoyed it, it was a hobby.  Someone would have crept up to them at a party ‘How much would you charge me for that?’ And…


Customers for Cakes – How do they find you again?

One simple way to get customers for cakes to return and order again?   Have you ever wondered about ways to get  any customers for cakes to return once more to you?   Something happened this week that got me thinking – and I wanted to share the thought with you too.   We had a visit…