3 Essential Questions to Ask a Cake Customer

3 Essential questions to ask a cake customer

Missing out on these 3 Essential questions to ask a cake customer can cause a waste of time and therefore money.  So it’s worth being aware of the potential pitfalls.


Here is the back story.


So the day arrives when someone – (a stranger) asks for a cake. And the cake decorator (let’s call her Debbie) reverts into a ‘What do I do now?’ sort of panic!

(With apologies to any Debbies out there who DO ask these questions!)


Debbie is full of excitement but combined with nerves. She rushes off to cost out her latest creation. Then arranges to contact the potential buyer with the price.

The vision of the gorgeous, twinkling creation is enthusiastically declared to the customer.

But the price is blurted out with nervousness.

The potential customer exclaims, “Oh that is way too much, I was thinking about a third of that price!”  Price is the first objection.

Or they might say “I will have a think about it” Because they do not want to say “It’s too much.” Or perhaps they are unsure that the cake decorator is professional enough.


So what does Debbie do now?

It would be easier if she had have asked certain questions before presenting a design and price. That would save a lot of wasted time.


Here are three main questions to ask.


How many portions do you need?

Some people demand a huge cake and then you may discover only a few people are coming to the party. If their budget is lower, the size of cake required is a point to negotiate on.


Would you like to see some designs I have made before?

Display your portfolio along with prices for standard sized cakes. This shows the potential customer your guide prices.


Do you have a rough idea of a budget for your celebration cake?

If someone comes in expecting a supermarket price – you can save yourself time and energy. Point them in the direction of Costco – whilst explaining your creations are way superior.

Don’t even bother to design a cake for them (unless you love doing this for free!) You probably know the order will be rejected on price.


It is all about getting an expectation from your potential customer. And then matching your price and design to what that customer is expecting.

Then the sale is way more likely to take place.


So what could Debbie have done better?


How about ……drum roll please….asking the customer???



Until next time



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