A unique resource for our cake decorators

A unique resource for our cake decorators

We help cake decorators and home bakery owners to grow their businesses. A unique resource for our cake decorators is offered via our Cake Circle membership containing strategies to help.
We remove self-doubt, confusion, frustration, hesitation & anxiety. This is achieved by discovering clarity, reassurance, satisfaction and self-belief. This change propels the member’s business & their lives towards the things they seek. It offers them the confidence, plenty, calm & joy they desire.

Who created CakeCoachOnline?

CakeCoachOnline was created by Karen MacFadyen – as a unique resource for our cake decorators.  Karen realised that cake decorators were learning the skills to make gorgeous cakes and designs but did not have the opportunity to learn the business side of their craft – to go along side their skills. 

How did Karen gain all her experience to create this unique resource?

Qualified business and life coach

Karen is a life/business coach qualified and an NLP master. She has woven communication skills in the membership, all gained from her NLP studies.  And as a result, the membership offers an improvement on a whole list of things. This includes communication and growing a business. Our membership also enhances daily life beyond just business success.  There is a lot more than just business skills inside The Cake Circle.  It assists in the techniques needed to blossom in all areas.

Worked organising creative designers

With the experience of many years organising creative people, Karen worked in design as an office/accounts manager. She has created many spreadsheets to give designers shortcuts and less work. And these designs have been incorporated into her membership. They cut down admin work for the member/business owners.

Sold digital products into 53 countries worldwide

Weirdly Karen struggled with maths at school. Being aware that she was not alone in this struggle,  devised simple ways to help cake decorators to price too.   (Despite becoming a highly paid office/accounts manager for years.)  Karen understood the need to create easy ways to understand money and time tracking. She has sold her cake business digital products into 53 countries across the world. And this includes the famous Cake Calculator too.

Qualified in Sugarcraft skills

Karen qualified at City and Guilds Sugarcraft level. She has experience running her own cake decorating business for ten years.

Sales techniques are woven in to help 

Karen also teaches easier ways to sell cake designs to help our cake decorators.  These strategies have been gathered from the system of another business she ran.  Once Karen started CakeCoachOnline she realised how important this knowledge would be to help our cake decorators to sell more cakes with less effort and stress too. 

Teaching others to become open-minded to opportunities

There is also a “woo-woo” side to Karen. She trained in Holistic practices Reiki, Reflexology, Indian head massage. Crystal therapy plus more. She loves the Law of Attraction and visualisation. Karen has been known to walk on hot coals twice…once to see if she could and a second time to inspire others.

One mantra is as follows:

“If it was possible to do something that the mind believed would be impossible. What else could be achieved in life?”
Her favourite saying is ‘There is no such word as cant’.

Overcoming adversity

Karen experienced life as a single mum of two kids aged 5 and 2.
Discovering first-hand the struggles that can befall people. Making up her mind to conquer the mindset that would keep her stuck, Karen wanted to rise to tell the tale, whilst teaching her children how to overcome adversity too.
And was proud to be able to pass her learnt skills onto her children. It became clear that she needed to surround herself with positive books. She required inspirational people in her inner circle. She learnt to achieve the right mindset to navigate her journey successfully. All the while getting zero help financially. Karen prevented her family from potentially disastrous results by a changed mindset.

The Cake Circle – a unique resource for our cake decorators

A different and more powerful membership

This can do, no holds barred attitude is what makes up the essence of her teachings and support. It makes this membership different and way more powerful. There are communication and organisational skills included. A ton of experience plus a unique blend of knowledge is given. The creativity shared via the Cake Circle ensures that this membership is unique. It stands head and shoulders above other lesser experienced and unqualified trainers offerings.
There are warehouse discounts available for all Cake Circle members.  These are currently offered from The Cake Decorating Company and Cake Craft World at 10% discount for all members.  We will be adding in more warehouses in soon too.  But essentially this means that by shopping smarter – and using your exclusive discount codes for your supplies, the amount of money you make for your business is increased, since you save money every time you buy.  The discounts are not a “use once” and they expire.  These codes are usable for all our members every time they shop.   Use of our exclusive discount codes could almost pay for your monthly membership of The Cake Circle.  How cool is that?  Almost discovering all the techniques and strategies and wisdom to build your cake business by using discount codes to purchase your supplies?
Why not grab a slice of confidence, opportunity and support for your cake business? And let’s encourage this positive attitude to filter through into your personal life.
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