Adding Sparkle to a Cake Business

Adding sparkle to a Cake Business

Sometimes I hear cake decorators or cupcake makers complaining they are bored. They need to be adding sparkle to a Cake Business. Or perhaps they don’t seem to be attracting as many customers as they once did.
They are wondering what “quick fix” they can use to boost business.

I would be willing to bet that a good look at their offered “menu” can provide plenty of ways for them to pull out of that rut!

There are many ways to add variety to your menu. This is without overloading yourself or your customers.
Here are a few of the most effective ways of adding sparkle to a cake business.


Offer seasonal recipes

Pumpkin spice cupcakes with cream cheese frosting are to die for in the autumn. Blueberry cobbler cake with rich vanilla buttercream is perfect for the summer.
Offer one or two “seasonal favorites”.   And this is as easy as paying attention to the seasons of your favorite fruits, desserts, drinks, and meals.
Take a cue from the coffee industry. Offer select recipes during different seasons to constantly drum up new business.
An alternative to this is to have a “flavor of the month” selection.
Start weeding out flavors which are not popular.
Don’t keep outdated or unpopular recipes on your menu selection. This sets yourself up for overwhelm and sends a message to your customer that you are out of touch with the times.
Some classics will never go out of style. But you need to assess which of your flavor choices are simply not selling and get rid of them. This leaves room for new and exciting recipes to make their way in.

Ask your customers what they want

It’s a novel idea. And asking your customers what they actually want could boost your success. And this is one of the best business tips out there. Why not offer comment cards or hold a contest? The one who comes up with the best (by vote) new recipe wins a free dozen cupcakes.
As you hold this contest, you have an en masse brainstorm going on for new ideas. You will get to experiment. The will be plenty of new recipes keeping you and customers motivated.

Add variety to your marketing too.

Variety doesn’t only have a place in the kitchen.
Variety in your marketing and business strategies is essential. If you want to get new customers and grow your success, you need to keep mindful of this.
New customers are the key to making a profit. And as well retaining the ones you already have is an even bigger key.
Your marketing plan could include the following. Websites,  magazine articles,  blogging,  social media,  fliers,  cooking shows,  craft fairs and more.
You should have a nice mix of online and personal presence. Don’t be afraid to try new things – you need to grow WITH your market.
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