Cake Business and Achieving Success

Cake Business and Achieving Success

What does have a Cake Business and achieving success mean to you?

Is it about physical things?

Is it the acquiring of all kinds of physical objects from your hard earnt money via cake decorating? The status symbols of life which people ‘expect’ successful people to have?

If it is physical objects…what do you have on your bucket list? The things you would adore to own at some point in your life? And are these paid for in full? Or is there a lease rental agreement lurking somewhere – so you are not really the owner of the object?

Have you ever even considered this?

What about recognition?

Or does success having a cake business and achieving success mean more about the recognition you get? So regardless of the earning power – provided praise is offered for your work, you don’t mind.

So with regards to money and the artifacts that are traditionally collected. These don’t ever figure in your ‘wish list’.

Is success about connection and memories?

What about family and fantastic connections with memorable days and laughter – is this what success simply means to you?

Does success mean variety?

Perhaps having a successful cake business means you will be able to afford a bigger variety of things to look forward to – dare devil things to achieve and tick off.

Perhaps success simply an emotion… a feeling?

Maybe success more an emotional feeling? If everything is being paid on a regular basis and you are comfortable. You spend your days doing something that you love without having to leave the house.

Is the comfort of a stable homelife without a huge demanding bucket list – your definition of success?

Success is about what you learn and then what you do with that knowledge

Part of success, I believe, is not about what you own – but what you learn.

And then what you do with that knowledge too.

For instance if a wealthy person lost all their winnings because of some global crisis. (Totally possible right?) If they had learnt how to earn for themselves in the first place – this money could be replaced with ease.

Here is a story…

A friend of mine knows of someone who became ‘lottery winner’ wealthy overnight. This persons partner was a very clever business man. She started to preen herself and act superior to anyone without money – and apparently it was tragic to witness.

I am told all her ‘normal’ friends got pushed by the wayside. She considered herself as way above the masses. And would only socialise in top end restaurants where champagne was the drink of the night.

Needless to say –  my friend stopped meeting up with her. She flaunted her and her partners so called ‘success’ and learnt nothing about handling money at all.

Net result. Fast forward 15 years. The ‘wealthy couple’ divorced. Now, I guess, the girl is probably struggling with no income, no ‘successful’ husband, no skills, and probably pretty sad.

She could have made the decision to become someone to be successful for herself. Instead of using the trappings of her husband’s wealth to display clear success.

All a bit tragic.

So have you ever thought what exactly does ‘running a cake business and achieving success’ mean to you – and how would you know if you reached ‘there’.

Do drop me a line and let me know your thoughts!



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