Cake Business – Are you too busy?


Cake Business – Are you too busy?

When you are running a home cake business are you too busy?
Do you need a second pair of hands for your cake business – or at least at home to help with domestic tasks?
I saw a quote ‘My goal is not to be better than anyone else – but better than I used to be’ – Dr. Wayne W. Dyer.

What do you do to update your skills and improve?

Do you ensure you are on a cycle of continual improvement? 
But do you even have time to take on even more tasks to improve?
Or are you running around in circles trying to keep your head above water?
Are you even too busy to try and delegate an unwanted task?

But there are things that you could delegate

For sure. Things you hate doing that you simply have no desire to get good at?

Wouldn’t it be great to hand over all that we have no taste for?
I have a task that I do weekly – that I could get someone else to do, for little money.
My time is worth more if I was doing something else instead.
As soon as the person concerned has availability I am handing my task to her!

Make a list of repeatable tasks

So what about making a list of tasks that are repeat tasks that need doing over and over?
You never get them off your list because they just re appear again.
They need doing either every day or at least every week.
Assess the list and see if there is anything that could be delegated.
Don’t feel bad about handing these over. Do this so that you can concentrate on the things you excel at. 
Look for the skills that you would enjoy improving. 
Life will be so much more exciting to be doing things you love instead. 
Just a thought!
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