Cake Business Questions

Cake Business questions

Some cake decorators are surprised to find themselves as a ‘business owner’.   And as business – there are a few cake business questions that do need an answer!  
A request to create an order from outside of their inner circle of friends and relatives has sent them into a flat spin.
Some have no idea what help they need or what help exists either.
The accidental cake business has begun.
The popularity of the cake business and cupcake shops grows.  And then more and more people are making the conscious decision to start a home bakery or a cake business.
Did you arrive accidentally or make a firm decision to begin? Whichever way, you need to …

Behave and think like a cake business owner

If you have dreams of making even a supplemental income,  you need to have a business mindset and really think about the cake business questions that need answers.
We find that the accidental cake business owners struggle more to get their head around this. A business mindset is more obvious for those deliberately starting up.
Do you know if you think like a business owner?

Here are 5 questions to ask yourself to find out.


1. Do you know how to price your cakes?

Traditionally this has been an arduous task. Repetitive and boring. But apps have made their way onto the market to help speed up this task. Have you looked for any? But however you achieve the estimating, it needs to be accurate. Or the person who will loose out is you.

2. Do you track your time?

Tracking your time makes it easier for you to start seeing how much you are giving away for free. By noticing some of the places where your income and free time are leaking out,  you can begin to plug up the holes!
If you don’t have a time tracking system yet, try using something as simple as a notepad and egg timer.
Start getting into the habit of recording this. Then you can upgrade to a software program or Excel spreadsheet – any form of tracking is a good start!

3. Do you have standard order forms or contracts?

Are you still taking orders on post it notes or napkins?
Creating simple order forms and payment contracts does quite a time. But once in place they helps you keep track of orders as you get more and more customers. These will boost your view of your business,  and boosts others’ view of your business.

4. Do you have an accountant or money tracking software?

Ok,  so the word “accountant” has the tendency to scare small business owners off. But the fact is you need SOME system in place that allows you to track your money.
Do you stuff invoices and receipts in an envelope or a shoe box. Then do this all year until it’s time for taxes, however this is NOT a legitimate system for a business.
Take time each month at the very least to go over your finances – you might be surprised at what you start to find!

5. Do you have a place to go for business advice?

All businesses – whether in home or corporate – need a place to go for business advice on a regular basis.
There are teams of business advisors involved in large corporations. These help them navigate towards their goals.
The equivalent to this for you, could be a regularly read reputable business tips blog. Like ours…..hint hint.
You should always be looking to strive toward bettering yourself. Knowledge will always beat guessing in order to succeed.
After reviewing these 5 questions,  how well did you score?
Don’t fret too much if your score was low.
Look at this as an opportunity to make adjustments and make this year the best for your cake business.
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