Cake Business tips and ideas

Cake Business tips and ideas

It is really important when working on your own to get cake business tips and ideas.  And I keep an eye out for sayings and words of wisdom.


One of my favourite sayings is “There is no such word as can’t”.

I am sure that this used to drive the family up the wall – but honestly, it is what I believe.

If you are stuck with a challenge, instead of using the words ‘Yes but’ and remaining where you are…trying using a more empowering word.

This is “How?” And think about solutions to your challenge.

Sometimes completely fresh ideas turn up.

Things you have never considered previously. And just pre-framing a problem with the words “How can I?” will make a big difference to being able to move forward too.


This could be a challenge with a tricky customer asking for the impossible – which is not beyond the realms of possibility.  Or you suddenly realise that you have run out of an essential ingredient, but with no time to get fresh supplies.  Or perhaps a customer has failed to pay her balance and was not at the venue to receive the order.  And now you are stuck with a challenge.

Just use the simple sentence – ‘How can I’…..   and a solution could well appear.

Just a thought.


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