Is a Cake Calculator App to price cakes essential?

Is a cake calculator app essential?

You may have already started looking for a cake calculator app being aware that pricing is important.
Some of you may not even realise that such a thing exists or is even necessary. Some cake decorators know they need to start by pricing their ingredients.
Others are just guessing. And some cake decorators are surprised to find themselves as a ‘business owner’.
Some have no idea what help they need or what help exists either.
Many cake decorators and other sugarcrafters begin business slowly – even sometimes by accident.
You make cupcakes for family parties and PTA meetings. Then suddenly you have people asking you to create more for their kids’ birthdays and more.
The popularity of the cake business and cupcake shops grows.  And then more and more people are making the decision to start a business.
However you got into the business of sweets,  it is essential that you behave and think like a business owner.
If you have dreams of making even a supplemental income,  you need to have a business mindset.

Do you know if you think like a business owner?

Here is a question to ask yourself to find out.


1. Do you know your costs?

Have you got a way to work out your true costs? The things you had to pay for so that you could create the order you have?
This is the first essential question to ask yourself. Search for a helpful time efficient cake calculator app to help you in this task.

Knowledge will always beat guessing in order to succeed.

Look at this as an opportunity to make adjustments and make this year the best for your cake business.
But in answer to my question.

Do you know your costs?

Why not start by trying our CakeCoachOnline Cake Calculator.  Its been hailed as ‘the best Cake Calculator app’ on the market. 
Its been sold into 45 countries across the world.  Works in any currency.
This way you will actually know what you have paid out.   And can make a start on pricing properly.
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