Cake Circle Membership Waitlist

Cake Circle Membership Waitlist

The Cake Circle Membership Waitlist is now available.

We are opening a handful of times per year.

This membership is for any cake decorator or home baker who is thinking about turning their skills and passion into a business.

What does the Cake Circle Membership contain?



We have a private group where we communicate with each other, supporting each other. A place to get your questions answered.

Guest Experts

We have added in Guest Experts to come and talk monthly. All the sessions are live so any questions will be answered. But if you cannot attend the session, a recording is always available for you.

Baking & Craft Experts

We have baking and craft Experts demonstrations live. And again you questions will be addressed then too. Recordings are available in the members area.

Discounts for suppliers

We have discounts from warehouses available. We have two well known UK warehouses plus a USA coming on board too. This is to make your purchases cheaper whilst making your bakes and cakes.

Coffee with Karen session

We have a session with me – Karen MacFadyen. I am a qualified life/business coach and City & Guilds Sugarcraft, as well as a lot of other things too. In this session, you can ask me anything you are stuck with.

Mindset sessions

I pop into the group with a live broadcast occasionally to talk about mindset – and things that keep us stuck.

Private baking and craft sessions available

Access to our Craft Experts with a private session.  Book in 1:1 time with our Craft Experts who can get you unstuck at an exclusive members-only rate you can afford.

Cash for Cakes Programme included for all members

There is the biggest excitement of all. And this is about the CakeCoachOnline – Cash for Cakes flagship programme. This programme has been added into the membership too as a free bonus. All members have access to that course, all the while they remain a member in good standing.

The Cake Circle Membership waitlist is waiting

Perhaps you have been thinking about running a business but have been unsure, or maybe you just started out and have a lot of questions,
Come and check out the details and put your name down on the wait list. If you are lucky – we are just about to open the doors. Which we do only a handful of times per year.
So if you are interested – you need to act fast. Or you will need to wait until the next time the doors creak open.
If you just want to learn about baking and craft skills – we have another option for you.
Why not consider our Bake N Craft Circle Membership.
All the details are here.
If you would like some help with pricing – grab a copy of our free Cake Pricing Guide
This details the 10 ways to price a cake – who knew eh?
Cake Pricing Guide
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