Cake collections and appointment times

Cake collections and appointment times

So your cake is complete and you proudly place it in its box and wait….and wait …and wait.
What do you do about the cake collections and appointment times? Is there a way to get customers actually pick up on time?


How do you go about ensuring a collection time is adhered to?

You could start by offering a choice of two slots. Say 8 am till 10 am or 4 pm till 6 pm. The customer must choose a collection slot and date – when booking. Have this written in your terms and conditions so customers know where they stand.

Some cake decorators offer a slot and then report that they are due to leave the house after the time expires. Others don’t like to advertise their house might be empty.
Some give a firm time for pick up. And then charge £2.50 for every half hour they are late after that.
But you need to ensure that your customers respect your time and pick up their orders on time.

Here is an example of what could be added into your terms and conditions.

I respectfully request that your collection time is treated as any other appointment. Please tell me in advance if you need to change it.
Please let me know as soon as you can if you are going to be delayed, as I cannot guarantee to be available otherwise. Of course, I will do my best to accommodate any emergencies, but I need to be kept informed.
Failure to inform me of any change in pick up time falls into our excess charges. And lateness for a pick up appointment of 30 minutes plus, will result in a charge of £2.50 per half hour. In short, turn up when promised and be on time!
Or risk the grumpiness of the cake decorator. (You don’t have to add this – but can add in your own words if you like!)

People assume because you work from home, pick up times really don’t matter.

It is up to you to enforce the fact that collection times are important to you. Treat them as an appointment and what to do if your rules are flounced.
In the main, most people will be respectful of your time. It will be the minority who will arrive late, still expecting service with a smile. Sometimes a traffic hold up might throw a spanner in the works. But in the main people who are late, simply are bad timekeepers.
Stay firm, treat your business like a proper business and don’t be dictated to by your customers. If people mess you around, assess their excuses. You can then consider whether to put them on the blacklist, never working for them again.
You do need to have a way to stop people who text to say they will be there in 30 minutes. Then actual arrive 3 hours later!
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