Cake Customer Reviews

Cake Customer Reviews

Do you have any evidence of happy customers to show prospective customers?  Do you have any cake customer reviews visible for all to see?

When you are running any type of business – the MOST powerful way to promote your products and services to others is via a third party.

For example not YOU saying your business is great, but a delighted customer saying so instead.

Are you actively collecting thank you letters from happy customers? If you are…what do you do with them afterwards?

Could you use them to help your business better?

How do you show them currently to people who have not yet bought from you?

Just a thought.

People love to hear what others think, before they decide to buy. (Think Trip Advisor and Amazon reviews)

What could you put in place from now on – to help your cake business?

If you are running a cake business and would love some guidance and help – we have help we can offer you.

Come and see if The Cake Circle would help you too.

All our current members love it – with the craft sessions we offer, plus guest experts covering all manner of topics.


The Cake Circle

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