Sitting and waiting for cake customers?

Do you sit and wait for cake customers?

Sitting and waiting for cake customers is fine if your order books are already full. But what if they are not?

And you would love some more orders to create?


Here is a little story to think about…

A little while ago I visited a really good restaurant which was off the beaten track. It had not much passing trade and was down a side road of a small market town in UK.

How did I know that this lovely little cosy and delicious restaurant was there?

Because the owner had taken the time to notify people of their presence. There were notices in the town. Dotted around the town were ‘A’ frame blackboards at the corner of the streets. These contained clear directions to the restaurant.

Outside the restaurant another sign with an arrow. And even leaflets being handed out by the enterprising owners in the town.



What’s this to do with cake decorating?

…I hear you say?


Because I want you to think about how you and your service can be found.

What are you doing already to be discovered?


Do you wish the matter of ‘Finding Customers for Cakes’ would…

Just magically happen?


Could this occur while sitting waiting indoors? Just hoping that the potential customers will beat a path to your door is not exactly proactive.

Or what do you do to find new people who would love a plate of delicious memories designed by you?

Could you do as the restaurant did – and point them in your direction?   How?


Just a thought!



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