Cake photography

Cake Photography

Have you ever been fearful of having your photographs stolen?   Are you are using cake photography to spread the word about your business?

Are you afraid of unscrupulous cake decorators taking your photographs? And then having the nerve to pass them off as their own?

I spied an Instagram account holder with that concern this week.

She had been alerted by a friend. Another person had set up an Instagram account in another name and stolen all her pictures. Plus was then passing them off as her own.

They could be trying to scam people to order cakes and pay – and then disappear into the night with the money. Whilst failing to deliver any cake.

But there are two points here.

Using your own cake photographs

Any of your own photographs need watermarking with your logo. So the likelihood of this happening is reduced.

Whilst someone clever with graphics COULD erase your watermark. Then no one would know it was ever there. But the sheer work involved to do this, could mean your photographs are more likely to be passed over. Why would a scammer want that work in favour of a non watermarked account holder?

There are apps available to help you add watermarks to your photos. Go to the PlayStore on your phone and you can find a selection there.


Personally talk to potential customers

As one of my missions is to get cake decorators actually talking to their customers. (Rather than messaging back and forth.)

What if designs for cakes were personally discussed? Then the customer ordering could assess easier if they felt that the ‘maker’ was up to scratch. It would be clearer to feel if something was amiss and thus the order would not get placed.

It is easier for a customer to spot a scammer. Having a conversation with a crook who is trying to get them to place an order. The customer would suspect the crook way easier via any conversation. And this is really not so clear via a series of messages.

So two lessons for today. Watermark your photos if you are spreading them across social media platforms.

And secondly, become one of the cake decorators who interacts with customers personally. This makes your profile and pictures less easy to steal and copy.

That’s all for this week.








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