Cake Business – How safe are your cake pictures?

How do you keep your cake pictures safe?

Just this last week a friend of mine had her computer ‘blow up’. Not literally. It just died….

But she was panicking of course, because of all the treasures, cake pictures, and work that her computer held.

I was wondering are you a cake decorator?

How do you record all of your creations?

What of your cake pictures and customer records also? Are these put onto a specific PC/Ipad/Tablet? Exactly how do you ensure that your records and pictures are safe?

Do you back them up – manually or automatically? Is the information held ‘in the clouds’ If not – could it/they be?


Would you feel better knowing that your entire portfolio is safe and secure?

Then the records cannot disappear even after a major computer glitch?

There are gadgets available now that will organize all of your photographs for you. It seems at the push of a button.

There are even apps on mobile phones that will take snaps of four printed photos at a time. Then they are organized onto your phone.

It’s great to have an old-fashioned photo album to show customers at a face-to-face consultation. (While you are at it what about those testimonials too!)


But just ask yourself – how will I keep all my creations safe. What would happen if this computer failed?

Just remember that if you make everything digital you have to find a way to keep those files safe.

I use a company that backs up my computer on autopilot.  As well they do a regular service for my computer and get rid of any nasty bugs.

I know that I can ring them any time a weird pop-up happens on my computer and therefore I know for sure that all my work is safe.  It is worth investigating a company who can do this for you too.

I know they have saved me on a few occasions.


Anyway – keep your photos and customer records safe and sound.

Is this something that should be added to your ‘To Do’ List – and just get it done?

Just a thought,




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