Cake pricing and factoring in your time

Cake Pricing and Factoring in Your Time

Super exciting news. This week on 1st July Cake International has asked me to feature in their Summer Carnival.

I am covering the topic of cake pricing and factoring in your time ….since this is singularly the biggest challenge that I am asked about.

Struggling on with pricing and guessing, or even checking out what others are doing and simply copying them…is not a long term strategy. ⁣

You need to know how to do this for your own business. Or the consequences could be a massive impact on your wallet and working for little to zero money. And I don’t want that for you. ⁣

My mission is to help our home bakers and cake decorators to get confident with their pricing and offerings. And on top of that attract the RIGHT kind of customer who loves what they do and regularly re-orders again. ⁣

Why not join in The Cake International Summer Carnival?

I am speaking at 6 pm on Thursday 1st July. Come over and join us.

All the live sessions are available on replay for 8 weeks – so even if you cannot attend live, you can always catch the replay.


So if you have ever wondered about cake pricing and factoring in your time – come and join us and find out more.



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Why not grab a copy of our Cake Pricing Guide too



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