Cake Pricing Guide

Cake Pricing Guide

A little while ago I wrote a report on ways to price a cake in my Cake Pricing Guide. 

(Neat name eh?)   Does what it says on the tin ….anyway  🙂

The Cake Pricing Guide details no less than 10 ways a cake can be priced.
Yes you read that right. Ten!
Sometimes our cake decorators get launched unexpectedly into charging for cakes. They have in the past been blissfully ignorant. The have been happily creating cakes for close family and then friends.
Then a stranger, someone who is a friend of a friend asks the question. It’s the question that fills a newbie cake decorator with dread.

A stranger asks a question like…

‘Could you make me one of those?’ ‘
How much for something like this?’
And so it begins. The dread of not knowing just how to arrive at a sensible fair price. So that both you AND the potential customer are happy.
Why not discover what and how other people and businesses are doing this?  And get started on your pricing journey along with our help?
So if you have not yet got the Cake Pricing Guide do go and grab your copy.
It’s any eye opener for anyone who is charging for their cakes and unsure where to start.
Grab your copy here
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