Can your potential customers find you?

Are your potential customers aware that you exist?

Can your potential customers find you?

Investment in time and money in finding new customers is vital.

Especially if you want a thriving cake decorating business.

And these actions are more important than buying more tools for cake decorating.

At the end of the day if you have no customers, all the new tools in the world will not help you find them.

You need to discover ways and be able to answer the question – can your potential customers find you?


You see it is important to discover some business ideas.

If you are serious about making money from your craft. And if you are turning from a hobby baker into a serious business, this is vital.

So what if you could unravel a little of how customer’s think and the stages of a buyer?

You see, as a business owner (or a potential one) we are selling solutions to a problem. In our case – the ideal customer has a problem. They want to buy a cake for a party or celebration.


In any audience group there are always natural divides.


And our audience is no different.


Let me explain…

Group A

This group is oblivious to any challenge. They have no celebrations coming up. They have zero consideration to even thinking of purchasing a cake.

This group are challenge unaware.

Group B

These people have a date for a party already in the diary. They are thinking about researching a decorator as a solution to their problem.

This group is challenge aware.

Group C

This audience have a date in the diary; want to get an order in place now. These people are actively searching for a solution. A decorator to suit their needs. This group are solution aware.

They know there are decorators out there who could supply their cake.

Group D

This group are supplier aware.


Customers that are aware you exist are clearly favourite

This is the audience who know of your existence and you are being considered as the maker.

So there you have it…

  • Challenge unaware
  • Challenge aware
  • Solution aware
  • Supplier aware

So the answer to ‘Can your potential customers find you?’ is to look for people who are in Group B,C and D.  People who are searching.

So how do we reach out to the people who are actively searching for a solution? And if they are in the C or D category – how could we influence them to choose us?

If you have potential customers who know of you already – how can you influence them to chose you, over and above any other decorator?

Have a think…..


I have a story…

A friend of mine wanted a wedding cake delivered in a specific area of UK and reported to me of her frustration. In her searches – a few cake decorating websites came up. But not one of them even mentioned their location or area of delivery.

My friend was short on time, and simply had not enough hours in the day to ring all the possible makers. So the cake decorators without proper instructions on their website were dismissed. The contract went to a decorator who could be easily located. Whilst being aware that the delivery address was possible too.

What a shame. Yet so many cake decorators report to me that they would like more customers.


And the remedy? Putting the right information on both the website and social media sites.

So have a think…


Are you missing out on the people who are actively searching for your solution – but yet fail to find you?

What could you do to become more visible?

Just a thought!


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