Charging for cakes – and hate asking for money?

Charging for cakes and then asking for money…

Do you have any idea of the biggest reason why people (and cake decorators) hate cake pricing, charging for cakes and asking for money?

Here goes…

Historically we have learnt to  go to school, learn our best subject, go perhaps to college, get a job that we have to travel to each day and work in order to get paid at month end.

Sometimes it’s boring and hard work. THAT is the definition of HARD work and in short you’d rather be doing something else (like longing for the weekend!)

But along comes a hobby that you do from the comfort of home, and it turns out you are pretty good at and how the “How Much?” big question rears its head.

How on earth do you request money for something you adored doing?

Charging for cakes isn’t easy …

Somehow it doesn’t seem right.

Hence a tradition of undercharging when cake pricing and then customers expecting bespoke prices for supermarket bargain basement costs.  And all the while the Cake Decorators hate to ask for money – because they have enjoyed themselves during the making of the creation. So the belief that work is to be endured and not enjoyed is one big fat reason why charging for cakes becomes a problem for a lot of decorators.

There are ways to become confident whilst charging.

It all starts with getting the price right in the first place.

Why not start by grabbing a copy of our Cake Pricing Guide – detailing 10 different ways to price a cake.  (Who knew right?)



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