Confident Cake Pricing

Confident cake pricing

Makes all the difference.

Let me tell you a story – which got me thinking about confident cake pricing

As I was walking today in our local country park – a thought struck me. Always I get approached by dogs, who come bounding up to me in the hope of winning me over.

I am a cat person – and have always been very wary of dogs. I must have had an issue when growing up.

But my underconfidence must shine through like a beacon – because I am not exaggerating when I say this. Every dog in that park thinks it’s OK to bound up to me.

So what is my point? The dogs sniff out the underconfident.

And suddenly I had a thought.



It is like being underconfident with pricing and selling our cakes.

The bargain hunters can spot the underconfident a mile off. They come bounding up to our door. Despite being given a design and a price they pounce on the lack of confidence.

They ask for a discount or start to argue about the design to get their cake cheaper. But if you ask around not ALL cake decorators experience this. And if we unpicked exactly what was going on – we would more than likely discover this. That the designers attracting the bargain basement customers have no confidence.

So what can we do to improve and become more confident?

Knowing for sure what our costs are – is a good starting point.

And spending a bit of time working out this for our product suite is time well spent. As well as keeping an eye on prices fluctuating too.

As you can bet that the only person missing out on money is going to be you when you undercharge for ingredients. These prices fluctuate so you need to check your master list of costs often.

So how do you start to get confident with pricing?


Confident cake pricing means working out your own prices

Why not start by using the CakeCoachOnline Cake Calculator. 

This has sold into 54 countries worldwide. We have some great reviews from satisfied customers too.


Michele Potts – South Africa ” The cake calculator – it works like a dream”


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Here are the links below. Why not get your pricing sorted out for 2022 and start the year with confidence?





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