Do cake customers know your delivery area?

Do cake customers know your delivery area?

Do cake customers know your cake delivery area?   I am asking because a while ago a friend was searching for a cake decorator for a celebration cake.
She was happy to search on the internet and sat down to do some research.
You can imagine her shock – when she could find a lot of cake decorators online. But on viewing their web pages could not find out where they were located.
A lot of them had just a mobile telephone number and no sign of where they were situated. Let alone a map of where they were.
The only way she could find out this information was by phoning each one.

This customer couldn’t be bothered.  She also was short on time.

This customer could not find the delivery areas at all.

So many designers had not included this information in their details.  So as a result missed out.
That was another lost opportunity just because simple attention to detail had been forgotten.
So do cake customers know YOUR delivery area?

And so the lesson is…

Why not go through all the places that you appear online.
In Linked In, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and any website too.
Check up exactly what you have written in your biography. The bit that people see first. As after all – you never get a second chance to make a first impression.
It’s sad to miss out on potential orders because of missing or misleading details left. Why not put on your list – check all places to ensure that sensible contact details are visible and up to date.
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