Do you take cash for cakes?

Do you take cash for cakes?

I followed with interest a discussion on Facebook yesterday.
It was considering about the safety of receiving physical cash in payment for a cake order.  A reader had asked ‘Do you take cash for cakes in the current Covid climate?’

Here are some thoughts.

There are only three ways to receive payment for cakes in the first instance.
1. 100% payment due upon collection or delivery (because no deposit was required)
2. Asking for a small deposit (% to be decided by cake maker) – and balance due upon collection or delivery.
3. Asking for 100% full payment at time of ordering.
Number 1 option is mad – by the way!!
And why not ask for full payment at time of ordering? It saves all the paperwork and worry of matching receipts up to an order and who still is owing money.
With my book keeping hat on – asking for 100% right out the gate seems the cleanest and most simplest way to be paid.
So that’s the only three ways to receive money.

But how does the cake order get paid?

Should we actively refuse cash for cakes?

Receiving cash 

You could take cash for both deposit and balance and ensure that you wash your hands. Or wear disposable gloves if you are worried.
You could ask your customer to bring the EXACT value of the cake balance due. This requires no change to be handed over to the customer. They could place the cash in a box by the front door. This leaves you the option to sanitize it, or leave it for a few days to ‘make it safe to touch’.
By the way I noticed that a local council advised a cake decorator to try NOT to take cash if they could help it!
You could ask your customer to put the money owed in an envelope and post it through your door.
You could also – not worry too much. As if you buy a newspaper – and receive change for the seller, you may accept this is what happens. So why worry about cash transactions for your customers?
But if you don’t want to touch cash currently – go down the bank route.

Receiving a bank transfer

Ask them to transfer the balance due to your bank account a couple of days before pick up. That way you can be assured that the money is safe and in your account. This leaves no room for embarrassment or wondering about payments due. Of course, you will need to give them your bank account details, sort code or routing number for them to be able to pay you.

Receiving a transfer

 PayPal also has a system called And you can set up a link in your name and add in the currency and the value you need paying. And send that link to your customer too. This is easy as they click on the link and add in their card details to pay you. Its great for simple payment receipts. And you only have to forward them a link – and not any bank account details.
Here is the PayPal link to find out more
But, you may decide a ‘no cash’ rule whilst Covid is still being painful. And thus you would ONLY like to receive money via bank transfer or If this is the case – be sure to alter your terms and conditions – so that your customers are aware of your business rules.
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