Does your cake customer know your location?

Does your cake customer know your location?

So here is something that I spied on a Facebook cake decorating group.  And it is all to do with “does your cake customer know your location”?


This cake decorator displayed a picture of gorgeous cheesecake for a celebration. So the story went…the customer paid their deposit. When she was contacted by the cake decorator for pick up, the customer realised she lived 6 hours drive away!!

The customer was embarrassed and paid the balance out of guilt.  The cake decorator returned the deposit to the customer. She then sold the gorgeous cheesecake to a relative. I admire the restraint not to have kept the cheesecake in the house!

Any way…

But what could the cake decorator do better?

She could ensure that the delivery/collection area is transparent.

And it should be clear on all her social media platforms. She could confirm on any order paperwork sent to the customer – the address that the order is to be collected from.

Perhaps this vital information was missed by the customer when she first ordered. Or maybe these details were was missing on the social media platforms.

But then the first contact email should reiterate the collection postcode and district. So there would be zero waste of time creating an estimate only to find out that you live 200 miles apart.

It’s all about communication.

Why not ensure your Facebook banners explain where you are situated? What about your Instagram and Facebook bios too?

You could add in the areas you ARE willing to deliver to. Then there is no mistake. And more importantly no waste of time and money.

Why not go and check all the places that prospective customers can find you? Imagine you are a customer. It is important to have details available at first glance.

And is the information displayed really telling a customer everything that they need to know?


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