Facebook & your cake decorating page

Cake Decorating Page?  Do you have one.  Here is a little note about Facebook today. This is concerning Facebook personal accounts. I have noticed whilst going through Facebook there are a number of cake decorators who use a private profile as their ‘business’ page. When I go to like their page – I note that the button is missing and the only thing I can do is ask to be their friend! Is this you?

So an update from Facebook is…

If you have a personal Facebook account – and the name on that account is something different from that which appears on your ID documents (i.e. driving licence, passport) For example Karen Icing Sugar MacFadyen, you are at risk of Facebook converting this automatically to a business page. Not so bad, you might think, it will save me doing it!!

But, wait, what this means is that you lose access to all of your friends, any live advertising campaigns you are running, any groups you have joined and any pages you are admin of.

There is no waiting, or warning, they just do it and worse still the decision cannot be reversed either. Your only option then is to start up a brand new personal profile and add in all your friends again. They are getting really strict about it – so do take some time to sort out a business profile for your cake decorating and ensure that your personal profile reflects your own personal name.