Four things to consider about rush cake orders

Four things to consider about rush cake orders

Your previous customer sends you a message.

Any chance of a cake for my mum? I’ve been let down and need this for Saturday.

Hmmm…   This would be classed as a last-minute order and there are four things to consider about rush cake orders.


The cake decorator already had planned in time off, so officially couldn’t fit the order in. But her sweet and kind side took over. She couldn’t bear for a birthday girl to be without a cake.

Although being slightly miffed that her prior customer had indeed given an order to another designer, she thought that business was indeed business.

But at the same time – the time that would now be needed to complete this rush order was blocked out for her family.

I personally wouldn’t work on my time off. Your own health and family is most important first. And feeling you want to help because someone is without cake…not really a reason to forego precious time off.

Supermarkets do machine made cake. Given that this cake wouldn’t be bespoke, hand made with love, but the lady would not go without cake if the daughter really put her mind to it.

There are four points to consider here…

  • Do you want to give up free time at last minute to take on the order?
  • Do you charge a rush fee?
  • How much notice do you normally require?
  • Are you charging enough for your time?

Putting feelings and emotions aside for the moment. If you were working for a boss and that boss had rules…would you take the order (despite feeling miffed they went elsewhere and were let down)?

We need to think like a business person and do what is right for us…as well as what is good for our customers and reputation.

Incidentally – keep an eye out. We are brewing something up to help coming later on in October 2021. For anyone running a cake business (or just starting out)- its going to be super helpful.

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