Getting paid for cakes

Getting paid for cakes

When getting paid for cakes – do you get paid the balance immediately? Did you ask for a deposit first?
One of the biggest questions I get is “How and when do I ask for money for my cake?”
What if a customer cancels – do I get to keep the deposit?
Just how easy is it when getting paid for cakes?
Is a deposit a retainer – and so non refundable?
Is a deposit different from a retainer?

Getting paid for cake orders…

So many questions….
Do you have payment rules in place for your cake business?
Are your customers aware of your rules if you have them?
Standing in a bank queue the other day – I glimpsed at the ‘Please Wait Here’ sign.  This got me thinking.  We were queuing at the bank waiting to collect our own money.

Have you considered your own system of collecting money for your orders?

Money which is rightfully yours – from your own satisfied customers? 
Do these customers make you wait for your own money? 
Or have you got your documents clear as to when customers can expect to pay their deposit? And exactly when the balance of payment is due? 
If you deliver a cake to the venue – how are you going to collect the balance due?
Have you ever considered what you might have to do, if someone cancels an order at short notice? What are your payment rules you would like to put in place?

Make sure that you have clear guidelines for your cake business.

Ensure your own customers know your rules. 
After all once you have completed the order, you have done the work. If your customers are happy with the completed job, you really should not have to wait.
And you certainly should not have to worry about your own money or getting paid! 
To make things easier….
I would suggest you have an order form containing your banking details. Then it is totally clear where and how the balance is to be paid. Clear both for you and your customer too.
If you have nothing in place – check out our range of order forms.
For UK Cake Decorators – we have a physical order pad
For outside of the UK we have electronic Order Forms available

E Order Form available in £, $ and Worldwide versions

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