Grandma’s baking

Grandma’s Baking

Do you take your home baking skills for granted?

A fair few years ago now – my dear mum passed away. This was a sudden and totally unexepected loss.
The thing was it was my mum who encouraged me, believed in me, and gave me a mass of help when the chips were down. 
My background is – I became a single mum when I decided it was best for the kids – to divorce my husband when the kids were 2 and 5.  (Long story).
My mum came to babysit in the evenings. This was so I could go to night school to enhance my cake decorating skills. As a result I earnt my City & Guilds certification in Sugar Craft. 
Learning this skill enabled me to earn money extra money and keep the wolf from the door.  Extra cash was essential as we had zero money from the children’s father. So I know how it was to struggle in those early days.

My craft skills and a constant flow of paid orders enabled us to arrange inexpensive holidays.

These are remembered fondly by the children. We had picnics, days out to fun places and trips to the seaside. All because of my ability to charge for my skills.
I had a recent conversation with a cousin who was remembering my mum. On recalling Grandma’s baking. she said, ‘Oh, your mum was a fabulous baker, we were so jealous as ours was rubbish!’    I hadn’t realised.  We just took it for granted that mum baked cakes.  
Now as the years went by, mum baked less. My sister and I grew up, and then the grandchildren arrived who helped make cakes in her kitchen too grew up too. 


But the fact still remained, Grandma’s baking was fabulous.

A talent appreciated perhaps more by the people without a mum who could bake. I realise now I thought that all mums could do this! 
For sure my daughter believes that all grandmas can bake a fabulous cake, just because hers could!
I remember baking a pie when my daughter’s friend was visiting. She spied the lemon meringue pie on the side. And she said ‘Please tell me you bought that from the shop – didn’t you?’
Her mum had no idea how to create a desert from scratch and would have run to the shops for a pudding for guests! Clearly the girl had no idea you could make one!
I smiled – I had done what mum would have done – and baked a pudding.

The question is do you perhaps underestimate the value of your skill?

Do you take it for granted that you can do something that others find difficult?     
Keep practising and wondering how to improve your craft as well as your business skills. The orders will come in for your creations.
Why not help make special memories for milestones in other people’s lives.

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