Having a cake order conversation?

Having a cake order conversation?

I saw a cake decorator/home baker post on social media recently a screen shot of a ‘cake order conversation’ she had. This was with a potential customer. Needless to say – the conversation did not last long…

The cake order conversation went like this.

Customer – I need a cake for a diabetic – only 6 inches. How much please.
Home Baker – Answer – my 6 inch cakes start at $50.
Customer – That is too expensive
End of conversation.
The writer was asking the group on social media what she should do next.

How could she have made having a cake order conversation better?

I see this moan all the time. Communicating via text, messenger, and email.
This type of communication leaves zero potential to get to know your customer. Explore exactly what their ideas are or who the cake is for. No space to explain how gorgeous the edible piece of art is going to be. How the centre piece of this celebration will be in the guests memories for years to come.
How can you get this across in a ‘here is my price’ text?
Simply said – you cannot. And communicating prices in this manner without having a proper conversation is madness.
To answer with a price for a bespoke cake minus any other form of communication leaves orders on the table.

People buy from people they like. Fact.

How can you get across the deliciousness of your service, via a clipped price, barked out via a short message?
No wonder the potential customer was going elsewhere.

Pre-priced range is simpler but not bespoke

You may have a pre-priced range advertised which is non bespoke and straight off the shelf. These prices and designs are simpler to sell via a string of messages. Nothing has got to be tweaked or designed. The price, size and style is exactly that…the price and the style, predetermined. And non negotiable. Only any message required needs to be added.

But if a customer appears – requiring a bespoke celebration cake, make sure you are having a cake order conversation.

This can be by phone or in person. But messaging on Whatsapp, Messenger, Instagram, Facebook – leaves you lacking. Without the ability to explain your service thoroughly.
And by doing so, you will win more cake orders.
And when you get a cake order – do you have somewhere to track the details?
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