Hoping for repeat cake orders?

Hoping for repeat cake orders…

by partnering with a venue

A Cake Decorator was wondering what to do.  This lady was hoping for repeat cake orders by partnering with a venue.
She loved making her cupcakes and had partnered with a venue in her town. This place was to be the first port of call for making the cupcakes for any party happening at the venue.

She was selling them for less than her normal price.

And she was losing £12 on every batch of 12.
The thing was her ‘partner’ was disorganised. Asked for orders at the last moment. Kept changing things around. And on top of that sent slightly condescending emails to her.
The Cake Decorator was asking should she make a formal contract? Would that gain her more respect?
My feeling is that even a paper contract wouldn’t get the venue holder to change her attitude or ways.
The common response was to tell her to cut ties and find her own customers.
Clearly the Cake Decorator was interested in constant orders coming. Without having to worry about an empty order book.
And I get that…
I tried a similar set-up with a cafe. They got my dummy cake in their window to attract customers. And then took all the Cake orders for themselves. I only caught them out when I phoned them and placed a false order…and waited for the order to come back through to me.
No phone call. I marched into the cafe and had a row with the owner. He still had my dummy cake in the window.
So….lesson learnt.

So what can you do – to ensure constant orders coming in?

The business coaching and teaching qualifications I have help business owners. These are owners in the Food industry. And I give encouragement and guidance to help them to build their businesses.
If you are looking to get more constant orders and wish you knew how to build up your own baking business – hold on. There are tricks of the trade to learn. And certainly some shortcuts to getting more orders from the right kind of customers too.
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