How do I register a home bakery?

How do I register a home bakery?

If you are starting out and in the UK – read on…

Anyone beginning a cake decorating business or a home bakery has one question on their mind.  And that is how do I register a home bakery? 
If they are resident in UK they have one very important thing to do. They must register their intention of running a food business.
This must happen at least 28 days before they start to sell any food.
This rules includes if you take over an existing food business too. A new registration applies to this too.

The good news is that this registration costs nothing – because it is free.

It is a legal requirement in the UK to register and the application cannot be refused.
This is a Registration for the UK. And it applies to any food business that stores, sells, prepares food and drink as well as distributing it.

So this answers the question of ‘How do I register a home bakery’.

Just apply to your local authority within the UK.

What happens then?

You will be allocated an inspector – a food safety officer.
The time scale for any inspection will depend upon the risk of the food that you are selling and preparing.
Baked goods are not the inspectors top priority. They are far more concerned with fresh meat storage. Plus correct storage temperatures for raw foods.
Depending upon where you live in the UK – your council may choose to make an appointment. Or they may decide to arrive unannounced. Or sometimes not come an inspect you either!

Make sure you are ready before applying

The councils ask that you wait until you are certain you are starting to sell food. And then you fill in a registration form.

How do I register a home bakery if I just want to sell at a Farmer’s Market stall?

 If your intention is to sell at a Market Stall there is another registration rule to consider. Registration of your mobile food business, must be with the local authority. And that is where your business is actually based. Not where the Market is running.
This registration for selling at markets, applies to your home or the place where the food is stored. Or registration could be where food is prepared. The address may be where you store your equipment. Or even where you park your vehicle to transport the food to the Market Stall.
So first things first – in answer to the question of ‘How do I register a home bakery?’  decide first which local authority you need to contact.  If you are using your home kitchen or selling at a market.  Google the Local Authority concerned – and ask for a Registration Form to register your home bakery.
Then get to work…
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