How to add sparkle to your cake business

How to add sparkle to your cake business

Something has been bubbling up for a while and now it is time for me to share.  As I wanted to help you to see how to add sparkle to your cake business.


I am talking about getting unstuck.  Forgiving yourself for things that haven’t worked out and moving forward.

And saying yes to doing things a bit differently instead.

You already know that I love our cake decorators and home bakers with a passion.  And it drives me totally nuts that they may carry on playing small whilst continuing to struggle to get the success that they so clearly deserve.   All because of persisting to do what has always been done and being fearful of change.

Listen – I totally get it.  I was the same.  But circumstances for me – meant that I could not remain stuck and pondering.  I HAD to learn and learn quick.

Back story – I became a single mum of two children aged 5 and 2 – and HAD to make my cake business pay me sensibly for my time and any energy expended and not have potential customers walk away from me either.

I had to learn to sell the customers their dream cake and have them pay happily for the service.

I recently asked a lot of cake decorators what their biggest challenges were

– and here are their answers (just some of them…as I had heaps)

  • Struggling with pricing
  • Unsure how to price in my time
  • Underconfident
  • Fed up with being paid peanuts for my work
  • Wanting to know how to feel comfortable charging
  • Struggling to get customers
  • Belief in my abilities
  • Coping with competitors
  • Time management

Alongside craft challenges of…

  • Getting icing consistency right
  • Smooth icing
  • Great edges
  • Textured icing
  • Travelling with cakes


I get it.  I have seen many battles with these challenges throughout the last 10 years of coaching cake decorators and home bakers.    But my proudest moments are when people tell me that they conquered their challenge.  They have a full order book or have stopped doorstep discounts.  They took my advice on board and changed what they did.

But letting fear keep us stuck – is not OK – and I do not want that for any of our cake decorating community either.    And this might be you too?

This is why I am excited to invite you to our event


The Craft & Cake Business Makeover.

This is going to be run on a private Facebook page.  After you reserve your spot by paying… on Friday 15th October you get invited via email to the Facebook page.  Then you can settle into the group prior to the Makeover starting on Sunday.

So keep an eye out for emails from me and check your junk/spam filters too.

The price is silly cheap – as we wanted to include as many of you as possible.

The dates are Sunday, Oct 17th to Sunday, Oct 24th.

The schedule will be included in the Facebook group.  Email reminders will go to people who have signed up for the Makeover too.

For those joining in the Craft & Cake Business Makeover – there will be a BONUS.

Very excited to announce this – as it is our new Cake Business Assessment.

This really highlights what is already in place for a business. And gives a Success Score too.  By doing this quiz – decorators will be able to identify what they are already doing correctly – and what is the next step towards success for their business too.  Invaluable information to get some insight into how to move forward and onwards and upwards too.

Why not join us sharing some of the best Cake Business strategies plus craft hints and tricks of the trade from our professionals too.


Learn how to add sparkle to your cake business

It’s all happening on 17th Oct to 24th Oct 2021.

And there are recordings of all the sessions too.  So never fear if you have a prior engagement – you can always catch up too.

All you need to bring is your best energy.  Plus a whole lot of love for your business.   And get ready for some outstanding ideas to help your cake business.

We are looking forward to showcasing our very best strategies to help you.

Pricing cakes and time and demystifying the most frequent errors cake decorators make

The mistakes made in business and how YOU can avoid them.


Dealing with customers, getting more orders, organisation, Instagram and what to post

Work-Life Balance and time management too.



Craft professionals demonstrate tricks of the trade and shortcuts to help you too.

You will walk away from the Cake Business Makeover with more confidence to add more strategies into your business, with a simple stress-free plan of action that suits you, your customers and your business too.

By the end of our time together you are going to say “I never knew that adopting these strategies could make my business so easy”


The price is deliberately low

to help as many people as possible get the information that they need.

£7.50 + vat for UK

$10 for the Rest of the World


Book your ticket at the Craft and Cake Business Makeover here

If you are


In the UK


In the Rest of the World


It’s going to be fabulous and I cannot wait to see you there and help you.

But what if you have cakes to make and family to look after?  I know what you are thinking.  That you just don’t have time to have one more thing added to your To Do List.

But if you truly believe that your business deserves to grow and earn you more money – getting some strategies in place is the way to go.

Whether you want to put the techniques in place in three, four or five months time, why not grab the tricks of the trade now – and know that you have your ducks in a row all ready for that time.

But one thing is for sure – it will enable you to know how to add sparkle to your cake business for sure.


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