How to Avoid Exhaustion as a Baker

How to avoid exhaustion as a baker 

I spotted in all the flurry of treats being made for Valentines Day, a very sad and exhausted baker. She had spent hours making up bags of cookies and treats, all hand baked. She had put them in bags and presented them very professionally.   So just how to avoid exhaustion as a baker?
This lady had advertised their availability everywhere.
But was miserable and exhausted because she had hardly any buyers.

You have to be certain when making baked goods

When making baked goods which have a shelf life, you have to be certain of your footfall. The people who will see your offer.
A better idea is to bake to order. That way you know for sure your products are ordered and paid for.
If you want to get a stand at a farmers market and sell to passing trade. Otherwise you need to know what you are doing with advertising.
Or else all your hard earned cash will disappear in advertising fees.   (There is another cost to factor in for market stall stands.  And this charge to even hold the stall needs to be factored in against the costs too) 

Use social media to organically grow your followers locally.

Get people to know about your service. Do this well before to any special occasions like Valentines and Mothers Day.
Think of your market. Who will be buying your gifts? Are you connected to the right people who might buy? Especially for Valentines or Mothers Day treats. Is your audience is normally 40 and above women. For this occasion you are offering treats suitable for another market entirely. These are for younger couples or younger children to buy for mothers. So consider is your virtual shop window in the wrong place, pointing at the wrong buyers?
So think before starting to bake and wear yourself out, think – how to avoid exhaustion as a baker. Dont just cross your fingers that people will buy. Or you could become unstuck.

Am I advertising in the right places?

Did I need to do this? Could I have baked these to order?
You don’t necessarily have to advertise on social media to be found locally.
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