How to delight your best cake customers

How to delight your best cake customers

 Do you ever think of thanking your long term customers for their business? Have you ever thought – how to delight your best cake customers?
Have they spent a lot of money with you for a very special occasion like a wedding cake? In multi tiers?
What could you do to encourage them to book with you again for all their celebration cake needs?

Offer a special deal

A wedding cake maker exhibiting at local hotels for the Wedding industry – decided to offer a deal. A ‘free’ first year anniversary cake with all wedding cake orders.
She had really thought of her answer to the question of ‘How to delight your best cake customers!’
What a brilliant idea.  This one act made her the favourite choice amongst the few cake makers who were exhibiting there.
The potential customers felt they were being offered a great deal – over and above the other cake designers at this exhibition.
This one is a great idea – as a way to say thank you for your large order.
Of course, you would factor in the work and expense required for an anniversary cake into the original order.
You need to ensure that you are not out of pocket one year later.

Its worth thinking about thank you gifts for your most loyal and best customers.

What could you add to your home bakery business?
Why not become the ‘go to’ cake decorating business in your area?
Could you give it some thought? And become well known in your area?
Why not do something a little bit different from your competitors?
Could you add in a surprise bonus of some sort?
Something that you priced into your service, but have this ‘thing’ be totally welcomed. It should be something that fits in with the customer’s celebration perhaps.
But gets you remembered as the decorator of choice.
I once received a bottle of champagne as a thank you. The label had my name on it – which was a great touch. And made total sense as a gift and something that I treasured too.
There are a fair few online companies that make tailored ‘one off’ gifts now. And they will deliver your gifts on your behalf.
Why not investigate what is possible in your price range? For your best customers and repeat buyers only.
Why not create some special customer services and delight your best customers at the same time too.
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