How to get more cake quotes accepted

How to get more cake quotes accepted

Here is a brilliant way to increase your business and knowing how to get more cake quotes accepted. 
I was in a cake forum discussion group the other day. Someone was bemoaning again about a customer saying her cake was too expensive.
Its the same old story.
The customer has zero clue how long things take. Why would they?
They never did the process of making a cake. All the finding a spot to park, chosing and paying for shopping, putting it away. And this is even before you start on create the bake.
Putting on the oven and cleaning up the kitchen.
And we haven’t even started with the decorations yet.

So here is a tip – which is great.

It’s a noter downer by the way.
Someone asks for a quote for a cake.
Before you spend a second even wasting brain power on the design, tell them

‘My prices start from…’ Fill in the blanks.

This way – the potential customer will know they are not going to get a Costco cake. A machine made, full of E numbers, offering.
Nope – they are going to get home baked, deliciousness, platefulls of memories – hand crafted by yourself.
So starting with a start price is the number one thing you need to do.
Then when presenting them with the quote for their order – tell them the split.
How do I mean?

This is the key to how to get more cake quotes accepted!

Tell them – the ingredients cost xyz. And my time to make and decorate this design will take x hours.
I have just heard that a designer started to do this. And has reported more quotes convert into real sales and firm orders.  And she has only just begun to use this technique. 
So if you are struggling to get your estimates accepted and turned into work for yourself, take this tip.
This designer just added the words to the written quote – ‘this cake will take x hours to make’.
And let me know how you do!
People will be far less inclined to query what they perceive as a ‘high’ price. That is once they appreciate the volume of work their design requires.
Plus if they still quibble about the price – there are ways to still win the work.
But more of that later.
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