How to look professional as a home baker

How to look professional as a Home Baker

If you were your own customer would you be impressed?
So the question today is how to look professional as a Home Baker?

What could you do to appear more expert?

If you are selling cakes from home consider if your customer finds you proficient?
Do they come to collect their creation from your home? And in which case what is that experience like for them? Have you ever thought?

Arriving to collect their order

Can they park easily and effortlessly? Or do you have to warn them about parking restrictions and meters surrounding where you live?
If you have a parking space available – could you leave it vacant for your customer? So that they don’t have to walk miles with a cake box. What could you do to make collection easier for them?
What about your front door step and front door? Is it clean and tidy? Does it make one want to buy food from you? Or is it scruffy and full of old leaves, muddy boots and a tired mat? Are the windows clean? Could you do something to smarten it up?

And what of once the customer arrives inside your house?

Do they have to wait in the hall whilst you retrieve the order? What are they looking at?
Is there piles of coats and jackets which could be put out of sight? Are there unopened envelopes and newspapers in view?
What could you do to make your hall a welcome and professional place for a customer to wait?
And whilst we are talking about impressions. You know the saying ‘you never get a second chance to make a FIRST impression’ and this is so true. So always keep in the front of your mind how to look professional as a home baker.
What about your answerphone message? Or how are you answering your phone? Is there a huge amount of background noise as you try and negotiate a new order with a potential customer? What could you do to ensure you sound as professional as you can?
Just think of it this way. If you were buying a celebration cake from someone – how would you like to be welcomed?
Would your welcome make your customer want to return for a second time? Or would they notice a lot of things that make an unprofessional image.
Just a thought!
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