How to take pictures of cakes

How to take pictures of cakes

I’ve just spotted another post on social media. It contained a most gorgeous cake, but clearly the talented designer did not know how to take pictures of cakes. As with so much clutter in the background that the details of the cake were totally lost.

I see this all the time sadly.

Cakes in their boxes, cakes in the fridge. Photos with plug sockets and saucepans in the back. Not to mention the washing up.

These images do record your design for your own purposes. But are not enhancing or showcasing any design capability.

To show your talent off to the world…

Why not take the extra time needed to get a great photograph?

Find a great uncluttered spot to take a shot. A background that compliments the design of the cake and does not distract from it. Lighting that doesn’t cast shadows and brightens the image. It only takes a little bit of thought to get a great shot for your customer records.

And these can be used in social media platforms so the time spent is worth its weight in gold. Perhaps you are looking to sell premium-priced cakes or wedding cakes. Or maybe celebration birthday cakes…but good quality photographs are needed.

It makes no difference.


Coming up soon in our Cake Circle membership – we have a very exciting guest. A session that will show you exactly how to take pictures of cakes.  A professional food photographer expert session. Christina is going to give us tips and tricks to show us just how to get the best photos…even with a phone camera.

Already inside the Membership archive are Expert sessions with

  • A branding and graphics expert
  • A Canva expert
  • A money expert
  • A social media expert
  • An Allergens and catering expert

Plus from the craft tutors, we already have in the archives

  • Baking 101
  • Your ideal customer
  • Preparing to Bake
  • The Cake Journey
  • Stacking your cakes
  • Adding syrups to cakes

We have a ton more plans with experts queuing up to share their knowledge.

Coming up ….

We have a law expert who specialises in bakeries.

In August our guest expert is a website designer. We have a colour expert who is an international speaker queued up. A Pinterest expert, work life balance…..and the list goes on.

On the craft side being planned is

  • Buttercream borders,
  • Modelling figures,
  • Cake boards – and how to cover them
  • Using fondant to cover cakes
  • Covering dummy cakes
  • Using acrylic discs to get sharp edges
  • Quick rose using a mould
  • Cupcakes 101

Perhaps you have all the orders you need but are sick of burning the midnight oil. At the end of the month, all the hard work doesn’t appear to have made much difference to any bank account of yours.

Getting sensible money for your craft is about pricing correctly. As well you need to be monitoring your time and getting the right calibre of customers for starters. If you are looking to uplevel your home baking or cake decorating business you are in the right place.

If you want to get into the wedding cake market you need to know the tricks of the trade. Guidance,  help, support and understanding are available here. Experts who have been there and are running their own businesses.

The Cake Circle costs less than 67 pence or 80 cents a day. Get the expert help you need to grow your baking passion and uplevel your business.

If you would love some guidance and expert help building up your business The Cake Circle membership is now open


If you are JUST looking for craft and baking help – we have a smaller circle, which you might like as an alternative. The Bake N Craft Circle

The Cake Circle




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