Investment or Debt? What Does a Cake Decorator REALLY Need to Buy?

When it comes to any kind of business,  you will often hear the phrase “it takes money to make money.” In simple terms,  this really means you must invest in your business for it to work. It is very easy,  however,  to get lost in knowing what is an investment in your business and what is simply unnecessary debt.


Many at-home businesses and freelancers do not make it past the first year. There are several reason for this,  but one of the largest reason is they do not allocate their funds properly. How much is too much to invest? How much is too little?

Whether you are considering a cake decorating career or have already begun,  you may want to take a good look at your financial plan. What percentage of your income are you willing to spend in supplies? Marketing? Travel? Decide on a percentage right now – before you even figure out how much you plan to make per month or year. These percentages will help you build out your financial goals, and ultimately, your prices.


The numbers do not have to be steadfast. Give yourself an “up to” number for each category, such as the following:

  • Up to 20% for marketing
  • Up to 30% for supplies/ingredients
  • Up to 10% travel expenses
..and so on. The particular expenses and numbers your business may have will vary. Get into the habit of looking at your finances objectively and thoroughly,  and you grant yourself much more peace of mind later on!