Safe transportation of cakes

Safe transportation for cakes

I have been seeing a few disastrous cake collapses in the heat of the UK . I have no doubt across the world cake decorators suffer from the heat in the same way too.  And this is all to do with safe transportation for cakes.  It turns out that a lot of recent journeys with cakes, have turned out not so well.  
But just how can you try and ensure that your cake doesn’t topple over in the heat of the summer whilst being transported?

Here are some hints

Use the correct size thick board at the bottom and a sturdy box that matches the size of the drum board.
Carry the cake at the bottom of the box, not from the sides.
Don’t squeeze in the sides or put anything on top of the lid.
Put the air con on in the car before anything is put into the car.
Use the footwell of the car and NOT the boot (or the trunk). The boot is always hot and the air con in the main will not reach the boot.
Direct the air-con downwards to point towards the floor as much as you can.
Get the car to temperature before adding any cakes to the footwell.
Do not put on a lap.
Do not put on a seat that is not level.
Dowel the cake if it is a tall cake. Adding in a central dowel right through from top to bottom would make the cakes extra secure too.
Add royal icing into the buttercream to make the icing more stable.
Use a non-slip mat in the footwell.
Drive as if you have a full glass of wine on the dashboard!
Avoid speed bumps and fast takeoffs from traffic lights.
Be careful going around corners.
All the above is fine – provided you are taking the cakes and delivering.
But what of the collection customers?
All you can do is give them the following instructions which you can add to if you wish.
Carry the box from the bottom.
Do not stand anything on top of the box
Cake should go in footwell of air conditioned car, not on a lap or empty seat.
Drive carefully avoiding sudden jerks. Avoid routes with speed bumps and take corners gently.
Refrigerate cake as soon as at destination if possible.
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