Starting a Home Bakery Business

Starting a home bakery business

Starting a home bakery business can be one of the most interesting businesses there is. But at the same time can be frustrating too.

Its true you have the opportunity to create, inspire, and do what you love for a living.
But you also have to run the admin areas. And at the same time figure out how to build a non-conventional business from the ground up.
Luckily, there is some support to available on social media sites, forums, and blogs such as this one. So help is on hand for those starting a home bakery business.

Here are 5 of my top tips.


1. Learn as you go when starting a home bakery business.

Whether it is making a topsy turvy cake for the first time or understanding how to properly invoice.
Or simply looking for new and unique recipes you need to do one thing. And that is learning as you go as this is essential to moving forward.
You do need to know the basics of cake decorating before starting a cake business. But not starting until you learn EVERYTHING is a non starter. This would take so long that you would never actually start your business.
The cake decorating industry changes almost as quickly as the fashion industry. So you must be able to learn and adapt fast to keep with the times.

2. Don’t make everything yourself.

One of the biggest tips passed around the sugarcraft world is to make everything you can. Maybe this is because buying pre-made frosting, fondant, and decorations is more expensive. While this is true, there is an essential element to the equation missing.
You need to consider the time it takes you to make certain cake elements. And think about this before deciding which way is “cheaper.” If it takes 1 hour to make it yourself, and you save about $4, then you are definitely better off buying it pre-made!

3. Never miss an opportunity to brag.

A home baker/cake decorator should never miss an opportunity to talk about their skills. Or what they do for a living.
If you are having coffee with someone who ask “what do you do?” Or talking to a stranger at the shops, always be ready to at least tell people about your business.
Do not take this as a suggestion to consider everyone on the street. Don’t hand out your cards without caution. But begin honing your conversation skills. You will know when it is appropriate to mention your cake business. Then let the other person start asking you questions.

4. Always look for partners.

Whether you have a specialized cake business or not, you should do this. And that is always be looking for partnerships. These can boost your visibility and customer base.
A wedding cake decorator might go out and find wedding planners. Working out a deal with them and offering special pricing for them or whoever they refer.
A birthday cake specialist might seek out party planners. And a general cake decorator can do it for both as well as contacting caterers and others.
Offering special pricing may provide a bit less in profit per cake, but will more than make up for itself in volume.

5. Add variety

Variety is essential to a successful cake business. This means variety in flavors, options, products, and even marketing tactics.
Consider offering seasonal flavors to your business. Why not create other treats such as cake pops. How about offering samples?
Stick to a limited amount of options to keep your focus. This will cut wastage, but consider mixing them up from time to time to keep things fresh.
So there you have it – my 5 top tips.  I hope that these help you when starting a home bakery business – or even continuing it for that matter!
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